Best Wedding Card Template Formats Best Wedding Card Template Formats

As soon as you announce your engagement, best wishes keep pouring in and along with it come questions about the big day, the date, the venue and all the other things that society will judge you by. Everybody wants to know when and how you plan your wedding, they will keep giving you suggestions, even though you do not require it or ask for it. But then again you sit and answer their queries because you cannot ignore them. All the raging questions of your closest friends and family members are answered as soon as you send out your wedding invitation.

What Are Invitation Templates?

The wedding invitations are what you send to your friends and relatives and ask them to grace you with their presence and blessings on the auspicious occasion of your wedding. Invitation can be both in the physical form or an e-invite that you design and personalize to inform your guests about the date, time and venue of the wedding ceremony.

As and when you get engaged, you need to consult a wedding planner and decide on a centralized general theme and color scheme for the wedding, be it the invitations, the decor, the party favors. You can ask your appointed wedding planner to suggest a place or designer who designs wedding invitation templates. These designers are experts in what they do and are capable of offering you a wide array of options of wedding invitation designs to choose from.

You can ask for any kind of invitations as you may please, and even if needed ask for your invitations to be tailored and personalized to your liking.

Why Choose From Wedding Invitation Templates?

A template will help you understand the limitless possibilities of the various kinds of invitations you may choose from. A professional card maker and designer will often have these templates available at their shop you visit, where you can look through and choose for yourself. Choosing from a template is a smarter and efficient option rather than personally designing a card from scratch.

    • A template is an already executed idea which you can see and decide whether you like it or not.
    • The card designer has already designed the template keeping in mind the factor of personalization. You may ask them to alter or modify a template to suit you better.
    • A template is proof as you get what you see and choose and not depend on a hypothetical design which may not turn out to be great after execution.
    • Choosing a wedding invitation from a template is a much quick and easy procedure which would require a day or two of consultation and discussion with you, your fiancé and the card designer.
    • Designing an invitation could be immature and rather choosing from a personalized template would bring a cleaner professional look.
    • Since a wedding invitation template is pre-made and would not require the designer to make an entire new invitation, it would not burn a hole in your pocket and is going to be a much cheaper and pocket-friendly option.

Trending Wedding Invitations Formats

Trends keep changing from time to time, what you may think is popular now will not be the same a few months later. Do your research as to what kind of wedding invitation you want to send to your guests. When you have a basic idea, approach a card designer with your fiancé and wedding planner to finalize a design from their readymade wedding invitation templates.

    • 2D wedding invitation card: if you want a more simplistic and down to earth wedding theme, go for a 2D wedding card with a heartfelt invite and a beautiful simplistic cover design. It would make your wedding invitation look sophisticated and elegant.
    • 3D wedding invitation card: if you want a more jazzed up invitation to invite your guests to your big day, go for a card with a 3-dimensional design. These days 3d wedding cards are more popular and trendier and are available with every card designer. They come in various forms, starting from the card designed in the shape of the Taj Mahal to a majestic butterfly. This invitation card will surely impress your guests and make you feel like Royalty sending out a decree.
    • Photo wedding invitation card: put those pictures you took on your pre wedding photo shoot to some good use and ask your wedding invitation card maker to feature you and your future spouse on the invitation card by adding a personalized touch to them. This option is for those couples who want to be in the spotlight and have no objection if their personal pre wedding pictures are featured on their invites.
    • Unique wedding invites: nowadays you have the option to use various objects to make invitations such as wooden plans, slabs of marble, glasses, pottery items and other such unique materials instead of going for the basic pen and paper invitations. If you feel that you want one such unique invite which would be completely out of the ordinary and you want your wedding card to be extra special, you can ask your designer to tailor one out for you personally.
    • Religious themed wedding invitation card: you are and your fiancé decided to go for a traditional and culturally themed wedding ceremony, so the invite should also match the overall theme and aesthetic of the whole event. In such a situation religiously inclined wedding invitations can be a good option for you and would make your wedding invitations correlate to the general cultural and religious theme of the ceremony. For example, Traditional Bengali wedding invitation cards feature butterflies along with haldi and vermillion on them, this symbolizes love and prosperity and supposedly brings goodluck and prosperity to the to be wedded couple.
    • Electronic wedding invitations: for the technologically advanced couples who do not wish to rely on postal service and neither has the time to meet all their friends and family members to personally invite them to the wedding could opt for an e-card option. Electronic cards have gained popularity in recent times with the advent of advanced technology. There are hundreds of websites which feature thousands of wedding card formats and wedding invitation templates for you to choose from. You simply have to pay a fee and add in your personal details such as your name along with your future spouse, the date and time of the wedding ceremony along with the location. Then you can email all your esteemed guests by sending them an electronic invite to the special occasion.

What Comes After You Choose A Wedding Invitation Template?

Once you finalize your template, then comes the process of personalization of the invitation card, to make it suitable for you. Most importantly,, you have to add your personal details along with a warm inviting wish for your guests. The personal details should include the name of the bride and groom, the date and time of the wedding ceremony and the exact address of the wedding venue. This would help the guests make the necessary arrangement regarding their commute and other engagements and help them save the date.

Once the necessary details are put in, the template you choose provides room for more personalization such as:

    • Choosing or changing the color of the invite
    • Modifications in the size of the invite
    • Changes in the paper or material used to make the invite
    • The quality of the invite
    • The alteration of basic decorative items on the invite

And other such minute details, you may convey to your wedding planner or the designer who is in charge of the wedding invitation format as well. They will make the possible adjustments before finalizing and printing your invites.

Tips To Keep In Mind

Choosing one template out of thousands of wedding invitation templates may look a little intimidating at first when you sit to select one, but here are a few tips to keep in mind:

    • The general theme of the wedding, a simple wedding calls for a simple invite whereas a grand affair would be graced with a glamorous invite well suited to its charm
    • The color scheme you are sticking it
    • The personal style aspect of the bride and groom
    • The language in which the invite is written should be known to the guests
    • The design should be executable and printable if your intent to get physical invites printed out
    • To include an RSVP section in the invite to get to know how many guests are going to be able to make it to the ceremony
    • To put in the correct details to prevent any miscommunication
    • Always ask to print a couple of samples to allow correction or modification before bulk printing the invite

Keep all these points in mind when selecting and planning the best wedding card for your grand wedding celebrations.