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Try to picture yourself and your fiancé on your wedding day, wearing your matching colour coordinated wedding outfits. The blushing bride with her hair and makeup done so beautifully, she looks nothing short of an angel on earth while the groom in his dazzling sherwani and sehra is fit for a king.

So much effort is put in to make the happy couple feel special on the biggest day of their lives but when you reach the wedding venue, it is just an empty hall with tables and chairs set up with the basic flower arrangement for the marriage decoration. Wouldn’t the drab and shabby look of the wedding venue bring down the whole glitz and glamour that you were so looking forward to on your wedding day?

Yes, it would. Therefore, the marriage decoration is just as important as any other decorative aspect of the ceremony. The venue and the stage are the first thing that the guests look upon when they reach the destination to attend the ceremony, even before they meet the lucky bride and groom. The stage is the platform on which the wedded couple sit and in most cases, it is also the stage where the most sacred wedding rituals take place.

For Hindu ceremonies, the Saath Phera and the Varmala ceremony, for Christian wedding, the exchange of rings and vows, and for Muslim wedding, the reading from the Qur'an, and the exchange of vows - most of these important wedding rituals that make up the very essence of hosting a ceremony that joins the engaged man and woman's life together takes place upon the stage.

Why Decorate The Stage?

The stage plays a significant role in the wedding ceremony and should therefore be treated as one of the most important aspects of the wedding venue. While you and your fiancé venture out on the lookout to find your dream destination, location and venue to host the biggest ceremony of your lives, make sure to choose one which either already has a built-in stage or a place that has sufficient room to have a temporary built in for the day.

Having a stage which is a few steps higher than the rest of the venue would just enhance the entire decoration of the place. It would put the lucky couple in the spotlight, and directly focus all their invited guests. After all it is their big day and they deserve all the attention.

Moreove,r what is more essential is to properly decorate this stage where the charming groom and the blushing bride sit look nothing short of royalty. The wedding stage should be sturdy and big enough to have a room in order to perform all the necessary wedding rituals which the couples want to enact in declaration of their love for one another. It should be spacious and at a comfortable height which is neither so tall that one keeps tripping while attempting to climb neither it, nor too short that the people standing farther away are deprived of their view of the ceremony

Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Stage Decoration

Consult your wedding planner if you have one regarding the theme of the wedding and have the decorator built and decorate the stage in a way that it perfectly goes with the theme and aesthetic of the wedding. Some of the necessary factors to keep in mind whilst deciding how to decorate the ceremony stage are as follows:

    • The location of the stage: after picking the wedding venue, walk around it and look for a place where you would like the stage to go. If the venue has a special feature like a waterbody or a statue, try to utilize it and ask your decorator to incorporate it into the aesthetics of the stage. Try to locate the stage as the central focal point of the venue so as to ensure that the bride and groom are in the spotlight at all times.
    • The theme: sit with your future spouse and the wedding planner or decorator to decide on an overall theme for the wedding and make sure the marriage stage decoration is according to the theme and doesn’t clash with the other aspects of the wedding. To have a centralised theme would ground your wedding plans and help you stay anchored to a specific type of decoration or aesthetic.
    • The colour coordination: the marriage decoration of the stage should be beautiful so that it enhances the place and not completely clash with the wedding costumes of the bride and groom. If the wedding costumes have already been chosen, choose the colour them as per it to prevent it from looking washed out. If you have not yet finalised the wedding costumes, go for a neutral and subtle colour theme for the decoration which would be smarter and not overpower the simplistic wedding theme.
    • The size of the stage: The size of the wedding stage is directly corresponding to the size of the wedding venue and the number of guests invited to the ceremony. If it is strictly a close friends and family affair, having a small stage having sufficient space for the bride and groom to perform the rituals would be sufficient. But if you are inviting thousands of guests, you have to consider how many family members would accompany the lucky couple on the stage and that the ceremonies and rituals being performed on the stage are visible to everyone present at the venue.
    • The materials used for decoration: the material components used to decorate the marriage stage should be readily available to the decorator. For example, if you want a specific kind of flowers to be used to decorate the stage that only blooms in winter, you should not ask for that same flower to be used if you are planning on a summer wedding. Also keep in mind the allergies and irritants if you, your future spouse and the family members who will be on and around the stage and try to avoid using any such material in order to save yourself from any mishappenings on the day of the wedding ceremony.
    • Ventilation: the stage should be well decorated and beautifully in sync with the decoration of the venue, make sure to not go overboard and completely cut off the air supply for it by going too heavy on the decorations and embellishments. Make sure the stage is well ventilated and has sufficient light and airflow so that the people on it do not feel suffocated and claustrophobic.

Popular themes for Marriage Decorations

The style and trend aspect of any industry keeps changing from time to time, the marriage decoration industry is no exception to this case, what is in theme now might not be the well-suited aesthetic a few years down the lane. Apart from keeping up with the latest trend, it would be more self-satisfying if the theme is decided upon by the two persons getting married with the help of a professional decorator. Few of the themes that you can ask for from your decorator are:

    • All flowers everything: ask for real flowers locally available to be used to decorate the stage and the venue, it would be cheaper and easier for the decorator and for you.
    • Monochromatic theme: pick a couple of colours and try to stick to them, this would add an edgy look to the wedding venue and the stage while completely putting the bright and colourful couple as the central focal point.
    • Gold and silver: you can never go wrong with metallic shades to bring that extra special touch to the wedding venue. Decorating the marriage stage with gold would look like the bride and groom are standing upon a throne while performing their wedding rituals and ceremonies.
    • A special themed stage: maybe you are your fiancé bonded over the love of books, have this special aspect into the decor of the venue as a symbol of your love and journey together. Ask your decorator if he provides personalised wedding stage decoration idea and opt for such if it is your cup of tea.
    • Vintage style: if you love the olden days go for a more vintage style of decoration of the wedding venue and the marriage stage, it would add an extra personalised sense of style and would make your wedding different than the rest.
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    • Outdoor stage: if your wedding venue has an outdoor space, have a stage built outdoor so that you can perform all the fun rituals out in fresh air, without having to worry about ventilation and proper lighting.
    • Chandelier and lighting: if you want to go for a grand affair style of wedding, ask the marriage stage of to be embellished with a grand chandelier to add some extra oomph to the marriage decoration and making you feel like you are the king and queen in our own rights.

Pick a theme suitable for you and get going for a grand celebration.