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A wedding in any culture is an important milestone in the life of a woman. This cannot be truerwhen it comes to Indian weddings regardless of religion. Indian weddings are known for its grand and traditional ambience and style which is no less than a minor festive celebration.

Bridal Make up

When it comes to Indian weddings, Bridal Make Up in India is famed for being rich and elegant with large emphasis on traditional appeal. Though being rich is not a necessary condition, the brides all over India wish to lookcultural and traditional.

Makeup sessions can take long hours of preparation and brides undergo through several process to look the very best possible for their wedding.

Tips to Bridal Makeup

Make up can be a long and is an arduous task, thus we have provided several tips below to make it easier for you.

1.Moisturizer is a must: It does not require any introduction; moisturizing is primal and an important step that's basic and especially required in Indian bridal makeup. One should use the correct base makeup before that. Everyone holds different skin types and it is important to understand when purchasing a moisturizer. Moisturizers come in varied forms, gel, cream or liquid. The best way to select a moisturizer for your skin is to understand our skin type and select one that won’t cause breakouts in the skin and keeps it hydrated.

2.Buy a face primer: Primer is a must have, without which you will find your make up breaking up in places very soon. A primer basic job is to keep the make up in place for a long period of time. Thus, it is absolutely a necessary to invest in a good primer for your bridal makeup. For without a good primer, your makeup however good, won't last long.

3.Get primer for the eyes as well: Similar to face primer, eye primers function by making your eye make-up last longer. Invest in a brand that is reputed and works well for your skin. Make sure it does not break out or cause irritations and you will find yourself with a good-looking eye makeup that last for long.

4.Use the right shade for your foundation: One of the most common errors during makeup sessions is the wrong use of foundation shade. This leaves brides looking ghastly version of themselves and appearing too bright in photographers which can be a nightmare. Thus, when applying foundation, make sure to use the right shade. A quick rule of thumb is to select a shade through mixing and matching two or three shades so you find a shade that is one tone lighter than your natural tone. As too light can make you look like a wax statue come to life and too dark can result in you looking too tanned.

5.Get a concealer: Like the name suggest, a concealer is a makeup product used in concealing blemishes and dark circle. A good concealer can conceal blemishes and dark circles without making your face feel overdone and thus it makes sense to invest in one of a good brand.

6.Never over do your makeup: Makeup provides people with the ability to look beyond good however it is always wise to never overdo your make up. If you are playing an intergalactic warrior, you can go crazy with the blush!But when it comes to bridal makeup, it is wise to not overdo beyond the occasion as it would stand out odd when make-up is done in excess.

7.Make sure to apply blush properly: Just like painting, make up is an artform that demands practice and correct techniques. One must apply the correct blush and the correct technique. Blush inIndian bridal makeup is generally applied very lightly and should not be applied in excess.

8.Select a good blusher: A blush is used to add a finishing touch to your face and the added red is very appealing in weddings. However, many often undermine the importance of selecting the right blusher and apply any shade they find. This is to be discouraged as the correct shade of blush can bring out so much from your make up.

9.Bronzer balance: A bronzer is used to add in shimmer, a generous usage of bronze will lead to your face to shine and shimmer which is alright for a day event. However if the wedding is during the night. You might want to lessen the shimmer by only applying a light layer of bronzer.

10.Fit your costume with your make up: It is such a common mistake, often makeup sessions overlook the costume a bride is wearing and would apply makeup that is completely non-complimenting.

11.Purchase good branded makeup: It is important as often people skimp on investing in good make up brands due to cost.But do not see that the benefits of a good branded make up outweigh the cheaper alternatives. This is because, branded and reputed make up companies have to undergo several testing before their make-up is safe to use for humans and modern regulations do not allow companies to insert chemicals inside their products which could your harm the skin.

12.Purchase a good quality sponge for make up: Make up sponges are important if you wish to have longer lasting makeup. A sponge is use for foundation application and can be used throughout the event to dab lightly and keep the bridal makeup intact.

13.Clean brushes: Always clean your brushes before and after use. This is a practice one must develop as part of their etiquette during makeup sessions.Dirty brushes will make it difficult to mix and match correctly and old brushes can be difficult to use.

14.Get a ready to use makeup touch bag: Purchase a good, ready to use, makeup touch bag for your cosmetics. So, you can always reach to it during events for quick touchups.

15.Blotting paper: Whether your skin is oily or not, blotting papers work great for removing excess oil and makeup in excess.

16.Buy a highlighter for your eye brows: A good highlighter for eye shadow for the eyes is a good purchase as it will accentuate the brow bones making it more prominent to view.

17.Fake lashes: Not everyone is born with a thick pair of eye lashes. However, do not be disheartened as this is a minor problem which can be easily fixed with fake eye lashes that will add thickness to it.

18.Mattify your lipstick: Glossy lipsticks may work for you most the time, but ditch the glossy lip gloss look for a matte effect for your wedding.

19.Lip color: Compliment your lipstick with your costume. If you are wearing clothes that are light in color, you can choose lipstick shades that are darker and vice versa.

20.Use a brush for your lip instead of directly applying it: A lip brush provides you more control and dexterity in your movements allowing you to provide a more refined and better-looking lipstick look than when one cannot get with direct lipstick application.

21.Exfoliation: The best way to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy is of course through good skin care regimen. However, with working individuals, this can be quite the tough task.But this is not a problem as exfoliating your skin regularly at least a week before the event will allow your skin to get rid of dead skin cells and leave you feeling fresh and your make up clean.

22.Icepacks for closing pores: When performing makeup on the day of the wedding, you want to use icepacks before makeup as the cold will close your pores and keep yourbridal makeup lasting longer.

23.Moisturize your hands: We have mentioned above the need for a good moisturizer for your face. This also applies to your hands as well, you do not want dry cracked hands. So invest in a good hand cream at least one day before the wedding to keep your hands moisturize.

24.Invest in good makeup accessories: Good makeup accessories are a good long-term investment and will help you bring out the full potential of your face with makeup.

25.Invest in waterproof makeup: Aside from investing in healthy and chemical free makeup, you should also invest in waterproof makeup. Waterproof makeup is a must and helps in preventing makeup from breaking apart from sweat and tears. Weddings are an emotional roller coaster, and Indian weddings are quite festive with songs and dance. Thus, to save your makeup from sweat and tears, it is recommended to purchase waterproof products.

26.Eat healthy: Eat healthy food before your wedding, avoid junk food that is oily to reduce the risk of pimples breaking out. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. This will ensure in healthy skin and fresh-looking skin ready for makeup.

Remember these tips and you would be the dazzling and beautiful Indian bride!