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The time between the engagement and the wedding is the most romantic in a couple's life. It is the time the pair gets to know each other better and spends a lot of time together to make cherishable memories that would make them smile even after years of their marriage.

A pre-wedding photoshoot is one of such fun memories that a couple can share and the photographs taken to commemorate such a day last for a lifetime. A fun photoshoot is not only a special way to get to know one's partner but can also be useful to finalize a photographer to do one’s wedding photography.

Why do a pre-wedding photography shoot?

    • You can consider it as a celebration of your engagement and its announcement to the world, the pictures taken can be used as a décor later on and be a declaration of your love to one another.
    • You get to spend an entire day looking photo-ready and spend it with the person you love the most in the world. A professional photoshoot is an amazing excuse to get all your fancy dresses out and take amazing pictures with the person you love the most.
    • You get to take part in activities that make you and your significant other happy, it can be any form of art or activity. You get to choose the activity along with your partner and enjoy the day which would be the perfect opportunity to take amazing candid pictures.
    • The pictures taken from a pre-wedding photography shoot may be used to announce your engagement to the through social media, newspaper, or even a personalized card. Who doesn't want to scream to the world and declare their love for their future spouse, traditionally engagement announcements were done through newspapers and newsletters. But these days social media takes the torch in this department and social media engagement announcement calls for stunning pictures of the happy couple.
    • It will help you to get to know the photographer and finalize one to capture your wedding ceremony. You can interview various photographers and shortlist them after doing a pre-wedding photography shoot. One should have a good rapport and understanding with the photographer in charge of capturing the most important day of the couple's life. Talk and decide on the general them of the pictures and have a trial run before the ceremony.
    • It will help you get comfortable in front of the camera and make you more used to it for the big day. It takes some people a bit of time to open up and look effortless in front of the camera. A well-coordinated photographer would help you feel more open and accepted in front of the camera along with deciding the theme, lighting, and setting of the pictures.
    • It will capture this special day you spent with your significant other forever and you can look at the pictures when you grow old together. You will have several pictures of both of you to add to the family albums and look at when you’re old and grey but still very much in love with your spouse.
    • You can test out various themes and determine one for your wedding after finding common ground with your partner. Choosing a theme for the wedding could be intimidating. Pre-wedding photoshoot can help resolve this dilemma and allow you to experiment and finalize the wedding and its theme.

To hire a professional photographer or not?

Many couples these days are not so sure about spending money on things like pre-wedding photography photoshoot. They would rather ask their friends or family to take their pictures in the backyard. Sure, it is a good way to save money but it is also a waste of an opportunity to capture the special days of engagement shared with your partner. Your friends can take pictures of you but that would look like pictures taken by children when compared to the high-quality pictures taken by a professional. A professional photographer meets their client and helps them get comfortable in front of the camera so that the pictures taken look effortless and not forceful.

Moreover, it helps develop a rapport with the photographer who is responsible for taking the pictures of one of the most important days of your life, your wedding day. So, instead of stinging and saving a few thousand rupees, hire a photographer, choose a beautiful location maybe even of some significance and spend a day with your loved one making memories. So yes, hire a professional photographer to ensure that you do not regret about it later in life.

Ideas For Your Pre Wedding Photography Shoot

Such a day marked out on your calendar should be a fun day spent with your significant other doing something you love. Make the photo shoot personalized and the day you choose should be all about you and the person you love and decided to spend your life with. Communicate with your photographer and ask for something customized.

    • Pick a theme for the photo shoot. For example, if you and your partner bonded over the love of Harry Potter, do a photoshoot with it as the theme. Or it could be a book or movie that you both love or any form of art, maybe you met at play, so make your photoshoot themed and more special for each other.
    • Coordinate outfits to match up with your partners like yin and yang. Aave a test run of what color and hair and makeup best suits you on camera, and make your wedding outfit choices. Change clothes to match your partner, maybe even style your hair in various ways to see what looks more flattering. Sometimes life to reel may not translate well and one cannot afford to look not photo-ready on their wedding day.
    • Choose a location that plays a significant role in your relationship, maybe it is the place you met for the first time or the place where your partner proposed to you. Look at the weather prediction, choose a sunny day, and head out to that special place to make even more cherishable memories with your partner. Memories you can tell as stories to your next generations.
    • Find a way to incorporate the people you love in some of the pictures, maybe your parents or siblings or even your closest friends. Yes, it is a special day you get to spend with your partner but maybe including your respective families for a small amount of time on the day would give a way to make them feel included. It may also help you to get to know your in-laws and be in their good books.
    • Include your pets in the pictures, showcasing you as a family. Your furry best friend is your best friend for life and can be included in your special day. It would make them happy and feel included to be a part of the activity.
    • Pick an activity and try making it fun, maybe some form of arts and crafts or a sports activity which both you and your partner enjoy. Maybe take up a pottery class, make each other something beautiful and capture the process. Or maybe head to the beach or the local pool and don’t be afraid to get into the water and ask the photographer to take some surrealistic pictures of you and your partner.
    • If you want to splurge, go on a weekend getaway and hire a photographer to capture those special candid moments between you and your partner. Plan a special weekend with your special person, and hire a photographer available in the area who can come out and shoot your pre-wedding photographs.
    • Be quirky. Hire a photographer and a good editor to edit you and your loved one into places not physically accessible - another planet or riding a giant cake. If you and your fiancé have a thing for humour, you may go nuts with the endless possibilities in post edits. Ensure you know what you are doing and go ahead and have your pre wedding photography sessions to superimpose those images on another image and create funny and quirky moments.
    • A pre-wedding photography session would only bring you and your future spouse together and make an amazing day out of it with the dictionary of high-quality photographs starring you and your fiancé. They will be one of the happiest memories of your life which would be etched in your heart and mind forever and you will thank yourself for taking out the time and putting in the effort to partake in this ritual of taking engagement photographs.

It would also act as a souvenir of you and your significant other declaration of the timeless love for one another. Do not compromise in hiring one of the best photographers available in your location and find the best outfits to look your best on your special day.