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The photo session is an important part of every wedding function, where the bride and groom stand before the camera in romantic poses. Since these photos are irreplaceable treasures for the new couple, they should pose correctly to create a perfect wedding photo album. The modern digital camera enables photographers to take plenty of photos, as no wastage of camera reel is involved in this case. Many photographers prefer natural photos of the bride and groom and thus, they do not suggest any specific wedding photo poses to their clients. They click a series of photos of the new couple at different intimate moments, as done in cases of photojournalism or storytelling through some photos. Wedding photographers guide new couples for clicking the best wedding photos, as they are experienced in dealing with photo sessions of many couples previously.

Top Wedding Photography Poses

    • A romantic pose where the bride and groom hold each other closely is highly preferred by most wedding photographers. The gorgeous outfits of the bride and groom enhance the beauty of this photo when they are seen in each other's arms, depicting the eternal love existing between the couple.
    • The photo showing the groom lifting his newlywed bride in his arms is another popular pose for a perfect wedding photo. Usually, the groom can pick up the bride after completing all the seven 'Pheras', which is a religious ritual in Hindu weddings. The photographer captures the laughing faces of all family members and guests surrounding the new couple and cheering them.
    • The groom can kiss lovingly his bride on the forehead or her hand, to create an intimate pose for a photo session. It will express their love and happiness about this marriage and fulfills the photographer’s aim of clicking romantic wedding photos.
    • The bride and groom looking lovingly into each other’s eyes is another romantic pose for a memorable wedding photo. The smiling faces of the new couple in the wedding attire depict their joy for this marital bonding that they are starting from that day.
    • Some funny wedding image ideas are also popular among modern couples, which will make them laugh later when they see these photos. The groom can carry his bride on a bicycle or a well-decked rickshaw, to create some fun-filled moments for the photo session.
    • A wedding photo of the new couple seeking the blessings of their parents is a treasure for them in later life. So the bride and groom can be seen touching the feet of the parents of the bride, as well as the parents of the groom in two separate photos. Photographers also prefer to click wedding photos of the new couple with their grandparents or other elderly people in the families of the bride or groom.
    • Filmy shots are quite popular among the present generation, for which they like to pose as the romantic couples seen in different films. The bride and groom may pose like the hero and heroine of a black-and-white film, where the groom holds an umbrella over the head of his bride. New couples may also suggest their favorite romantic scenes from Bollywood or even Hollywood films, which can be arranged accordingly by their wedding photographers to create wonderful wedding photo poses.
    • The groom may kneel and put on gorgeous silver anklets on the feet of his bride for a photo shoot, which shows how he cares and pampers his wife. This wedding photo makes a sweet memory to be cherished for the lifetime of both the bride and groom. It also depicts the love and respect that a husband pays to his wife.
    • The bride may reverse the role and pamper her groom, by kneeling in front of him and holding his hand. It creates a different kind of pose for their wedding photo, which shows her affection and respect for her husband.
    • Since many modern men and women like to drink together and enjoy life, the bride and groom may hold bottles of drinks. They pose as drinking together from each other’s bottles, creating a romantic and bold pose for their wedding photo.
    • Some couples prefer to have crazy wedding photos, for which they may make faces or stick out their tongues while posing in their wedding attire. These photos may be a bit out of the traditional poses, showing the uniqueness of the new couple about their outlook towards life.
    • The groom can enact the scene where he proposes to his bride by kneeling in front of her and offering her a ring or a rose. This makes a beautiful pose for a romantic wedding photo for the new couple. In this way, they can preserve their special moment of proposing that might have not been clicked earlier.
    • Wedding photos also include all wedding-related functions, like Mehendi and Sangeet. Thus, the bride may pose with her would-be husband by displaying her hand decked with artistic Mehendi designs all over her fingers, palms, and wrists.
    • Similarly, the bride and groom may pose in a dancing figure during their Sangeet ceremony, for the photo shoot. They may choose any popular song to which they can dance and pose simultaneously before the camera.
    • The bride and groom may pose by sitting intimately on a swing, which is decorated with flowers or balloons of various colors. They may smile lovingly while looking at each other, depicting their enjoyment on the swing of marital life.
    • The groom may hold his bride from behind and both laugh brightly at the camera, posing for their wedding photo. This type of photo is usually taken before or after the wedding ceremony, showing their happiness for this new relationship.
    • If the bride or groom has any pet animal or bird, they can pose with that loving friend in between the couple. It may show their love and passion for animals, as well as their mutual love and understanding on the first day of their marital life.
    • A funny pose can be created by showing the bride and groom running together, holding each other's hands. It may create an amazing wedding photo, with both partners laughing heartily and enjoying the photo session.
    • A wedding photo can be made more colorful by bursting color bombs in the background while the bride and groom pose romantically. The spread of different vibrant colors makes the photo more exclusive and gorgeous, matching the jovial mood of the new couple.
    • Post-wedding photos can be taken inside a car when the bride and groom are leaving for the groom's house. Here, various poses can be given by the new couple, to beat the sad mood of Bidai or the bride leaving her parents’ home. A funny touch can be added to this photo by showing the groom holding a chocolate bar or pizza before his bride, who seems eager to have a bite.
    • A wedding photo can be made funnier by editing it, just by exchanging the lower parts of the body of the bride and groom in the photo. In this way, the legs of the groom will be seen covered in a sari or lehenga while the bride will be seen wearing pants or churidar styled pajama. This wedding photo will amuse the new couple and others even years later.
    • The wedding photos can be edited to show the new couple in a vintage background, like an ancient castle or a royal court. Here, a highly romantic photo of the bride and groom in the wedding dress depicts their amusing love story with a royal touch.
    • An ideal wedding photo should have touches of vibrant red color, either in the backdrop or in the dresses of the bride and groom. Moreover, red is considered to be an auspicious color in Indian marriages. So wedding photographers may arrange the background in white or other lighter shades, to highlight the red color in the wedding photos. So they may shoot these photos among white snow or edit the photos with such backdrop.

Wedding photographers make sure that the emotions of the bride and groom are natural in the photos. They do not need to rehearse before the photo session, to get the desired effect in these photos. They should not smile forcibly or look too self-conscious while the photographer is clicking their wedding photos, as their natural expressions can make these photos much better. Likewise, the bride and groom both may automatically close their eyes in kissing scenes, which does not mar their photo.

Professional photographers have various wedding image ideas that can deliver impressive wedding photos of their clients. They also take some pre-wedding shots while the bride and groom are preparing for their wedding, like trying their wedding attire or admiring the wedding accessories. Expert photographers click photos of the new couple from different angles, to get remarkable wedding photos. The bride and groom should make slow movements if photos are taken while they are walking together. All these tips help in obtaining the most beautiful wedding photos of a new couple.