Every woman loves to makeup adequately, to make herself look best among others. But elaborate makeup is a tiresome act for many girls, mainly for the working women. So they lookout for some effective tips of fast makeup that will make them look attractive, as well as save their time. Luckily there are some easy ways of applying makeup that can make any woman look glorious and refreshed.

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Few tips on easy makeup hacks that can be useful for every woman

1. The normal eye liner is often hard and creates very thin line below the eyes, which may not be satisfactory. But the eye liner can be simply placed before a flame for only one second and then cooled for a few more seconds, to produce much thicker lining of black or burgundy, as desired.

2. The eyeshadow can be applied only after covering the eyelids with white liner, so that the color of the eyeshadow can be seen more prominently, with only one stroke.

3. It is better to hold a steel spoon behind the eyelashes while applying the mascara on the eyelashes, so that the black mark of the mascara does not affect the skin of the eyelids. So the woman can put on mascara without worrying about formation of any undesired marks around the eyes.

4. The mascara dries up too often, even when there is a lot left in the container. So the user can simply put in a few drops of saline water in it and shale well to get the normal thickness of mascara again.

5. The excess oil of the facial skin should be cleaned with a piece of tissue paper, before applying any kind of makeup on it.

6. If anyone wants to curl up the eyelashes, she can simply heat up the curler slightly, by blowing hot air on it from a hair dryer. The eyelids curl faster and more easily by using a warm curler. The same rule can be followed while curling the hairs of the head with a curling iron.

7. It is a good idea to apply a coat of any translucent powder over the eyelids, before the application of mascara; so that the mascara can be seen more prominently.

8. If a girl wants to have natural, yet a bit colorful lips, she should put on just one coating of the chosen lipstick of any mat color and then smudge it with fingers or a piece of tissue paper to bring the natural look, as desired by that girl.

9. It is best to draw a outline on the lips with a pencil and form a 'X' on the middle of the upper lip. Then the whole space can be evenly filled up with the lipstick or lip gloss of chosen color.

10. The dark shades or puffy eyes can be well concealed by drawing a triangle below each eye and then slowly filling it up with the concealer, to cover all the dark spots or undesired marks on the face.

11. The application of the blush of chosen color on the cheeks is very effective in bringing a natural appearance, when it is applied before putting on the foundation.

12. The young girls can put a tinge of golden or silver color at the corner of the inner eye and blend it well with the foundation of the face, to make the face look more refreshed.

Hence, the young girls can try on these tips for makeup hacks and make themselves beautiful very easily.