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Attractive Digital Wedding Cards Now Mark Most Of The Sikh Weddings

Attractive Digital Wedding Cards Now Mark Most Of The Sikh Weddings by parekhcards 21/09/2016 at 11:00

All the Indian weddings are marked by various rituals before and after the marriage. Hence, the relatives and friends are invited to join the families of the bride and the groom to help in fulfilling these rituals successfully.

Nowadays, the modern generation prefers the use of digital wedding cards, due to several benefits of this new trend of inviting the guests. The Sikhs are particularly known for their love for celebrations and grandeur, which is well reflected in their traditional wedding cards too. The decorations and the wordings of the Sikh wedding cards are unique due to their religious tone and gorgeous uses of colors and ornamentations.

Most of these cards are written in Gurmukhi language of Punjab, though English versions are also used in modern wedding cards. Moreover, the invitation letters start with phrases from Guru Granth Sahib and Khalsa symbols.

Preference of online wedding cards for Sikh weddings

The online Sikh wedding cards are made with the same spirit of the joyful Punjabis, maintaining all the special characteristics of their wedding cards.

There are options to create invitation letters in both Gurmukhi script and English, while the exact wordings are dictated by the clients, as per their choice. But like all other Indians, Sikhs also send their wedding invitations in the name of the eldest member of the family.

In case of the printed wedding cards, the Sikhs prefer to decorate with zari, sparkles, bindis and colored stones. Similarly, the online card designers keep a vast array of gorgeous designs, which look similar to the lavish décor of the printed forms, due to the uses of bright colors and sparkling features.

There are options of all the Khalsa religious symbols in the online library of the card makers, from which the clients can choose as many as they want to include in the cover pages and invitation letters of their wedding cards.

The costs of printing and sending digital cards are much lower than the printed ones, which prompt the marrying couples to persuade their elders for sending online invitations.

It is much easier to send online wedding invitations, as the sender does not need to go to the Post offices or couriers, for sending the wedding cards. These online cards can be sent via emails to all the receivers at a time, saving a lot of time and money.


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