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Different Types Of Ethnic Attire A Bride Can Wear On Her Special Day

Different Types Of Ethnic Attire A Bride Can Wear On Her Special Day by parekhcards 22/09/2016 at 11:15

A wedding is a very special day on the life of each Indian girl, as many of them have definite ideas about their dream weddings. So they want to look their best in their bridal attires, when they are going to meet their husbands, at the time of the marriage ceremony. Thus, the bridal dresses are marked by unique grandeur and splendid designs, which will keep the bride in focus as the center of attraction, during the wedding celebrations.

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As India is the land of diverse cultures and religions, there are huge varieties seen in the types of ethnic bridal wears, bought by the young Indian brides, to be worn on their special day.

Hindu bridal dress - According to the Hindu custom, sarees are the oldest attire, used even by the brides. Usually, red colored silk or costlier sarees are used as the common bridal wear till today, which are adorned with golden zari works all over the sarees. Most of the brides of the Eastern, Western and parts of Northern India prefer to wear red sarees, with lots of gold jewelries. But in South India, the Hindu brides are seen to be wearing white sarees with golden borders, at the time of their weddings. In Northern India, many brides also wear lovely red colored Lahengas or Ghagra Cholis with red Churnis; though now green or peach or pink colors are also used instead of the usual red color. The Sikh brides are also seen to be wearing red Salwar Kamiz, with well adorned red Churnis.

Muslim bridal dress - Keeping to the Indian culture, the Muslim brides also generally wear red sarees or red Salwar Kurtas, decked with intensive zari embroideries and sequences. Some brides also wear Anarkali styled salwar suits, which look very gorgeous and reflect the spirit of royal Muslim period, added with stone-studded gold jewelries.

Christian bridal dress - The Christian brides usually wear white bridal gowns, keeping to the tradition of their religion. This well decorated bridal gown is embroidered with golden or threads and sequences, to make it more gorgeous in appearance. Now the designers create new and innovative designs of bridal gowns for the Christian brides of India. But the Christian brides of rural India often prefer to wear silk sarees, like the other Indian women.

Regional bridal dress - In India, there are several regions, where the local people prefer the brides to wear their specific types of regional dresses, even on their wedding days. This tradition is mainly seen in the North-eastern states of Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram; where the brides wear colorful local attires, adorn themselves with flowers and ornaments made of beads, for attending their weddings.


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