Wedding is the event of a lifetime. It is the best chance you get to reveal to the world your true self. If you wish to reveal to the world what you are, you must use your marriage to achieve this end. Here are some simple ways in which you can reflect your personality and your ideals by the way you arrange your marriage.

Hall Decoration

The decoration in the wedding is a great way to reveal your fine taste and your high ideals. Select decoration that is simple and yet attractive. Be subtle in your taste. You should also be trendy. Go for decor which will appeal to your parents as well as to the modern generation.

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Go for eco-friendly decor if you believe in going green. This is a great way to show your awareness about the planet and its deteriorating condition. Have waste bins installed at regular intervals to maintain the surroundings clean and to show your superior sense of hygiene.

Food Served

You can also reveal your superior sense of choice while selecting the food that is being served in your wedding. You can select a couple of good starters and some very delectable food items.This is sure to please your guests. You can also offer some great dessert which will reflect your good choice of foodstuffs.

Entertainment Events

Most Indian weddings have similar entertainment events where a few participate while the rest remain as audience. You must plan entertainment events where everyone is equally involved. You may even organise fun games. Everyone enjoys marriages where he or she gets to participate.

The Wedding Cards And Gifts

Choose wedding cards and gifts wisely. If you are selecting the bride's designer wedding cards, make sure they are eco-friendly. Do not go for cards that have plastic decorations. Select cards that are biodegradable. This way, you will set a positive example to the world.

Another great option would be to go for online cards. You may send online cards to friends and relatives who are not too close or who are accustomed to surfing. This can save you a lot of money. It is also a great way to prevent paper wastage.