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How To Address Wedding Invitations?

How To Address Wedding Invitations? by parekhcards 11/10/2017 at 1:00

Wedding is one of the most sacred functions of life. Especially in India, wedding is considered to be a highly auspicious function that opens the gateway to start a new life for a newlywed couple. Thus, it is very important to address wedding invitations to your guests in an aesthetic manner. It will enhance the interest of your honorable guests for extending the glory of your function.

Wedding Invitations Wedding Invitations

Tips to Address Wedding Invitations

The time when the couple is on their way to critique the wedding card, it becomes very much essential to give due attention to dos and don'ts. Below are some easy tips that need to be followed to design and decorate the Indian wedding invitation template at the best:

  • Outsourcing of envelopes
  • Introduction of calligraphy
  • Printing return address
  • Printed envelope for RSPV
  • Lined and inner envelopes
  • Invitation in a pocket style
  • Inclusion of at most abbreviations
  • Early sending of invitation
  • Printing of names in a proper style
  • Usage of proper title
  • Let us get to know about each and every point in a detailed manner!

  • Addressing envelopes of wedding invitation - Outsourcing the addressing of envelopes will not only prevents you from unnecessary stress but also saves lot of time as well as energy. You may write addresses in a precise manner for easiness of the receivers.
  • Inclusion of calligraphy - Inclusion of calligraphy will contribute a lot in enhancing the grace of your invitation envelope. In case it exceeds your estimated budget, it is advisable to get them printed using the same font as used in case of invitation.
  • Printing of return address - It is a good idea to include return address in the form of calligraphy as well. As it is already included in the package, it will be a creative idea to include the same.
  • Printed RSVP envelope - Sometimes the inclusion of RSVP envelope is included in the package and sometimes not. It is better to ensure about it prior placing the order. RSVP envelopes really prove to be a great convenience for invitees as well as for yourself.
  • Going with lined and inner envelopes - As per modern style, inclusion of inner envelopes has really become an optional choice. If you are in a favorable position to spend a bit more, you may go for it. It is better not to use printing labels on inner envelopes.
  • Assembling invitation in a pocket style - Pocket style of organizing invitation has really proved to an efficient manner of placing the wedding invitation. It will prevent missing of any necessary details, which may otherwise lead towards high level of inconvenience.
  • Going for at most number of abbreviations - It is well known that outer envelope lists names along with complete address of recipient while inner one lists only names. It is better to use minimum number of abbreviations to enhance the glory of invitation.
  • Sending invitations at the earliest - Earlier you order, earlier you get the cards printed. Afterwards, it is high time to send your invitation to your guests.
  • Putting of names in a proper manner - At the time of addressing wedding invitation, it is good practice to put the name of woman first. It not only looks traditional, but also sounds to be very much friendly.
  • Using proper title - Last but not the least, it is recommended using proper title in front of the name of the individual outside the envelope. As per rules, title as well as last name must be included inside the envelope. Titles like doctor, judge, lieutenant and so on must be used in a proper manner.
  • After becoming familiar with the etiquettes, it is for sure that you will be able to address your wedding invitation in the best possible manner.


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