When the wedding preparations begin, there are a lot of things to be taken care of. One among all the important activities is choosing the right shadi or wedding invites. These invitations are a must to invite the special friends and relatives in your marriage and seek their good wishes. However, a common question that arises is how to go about with picking up and printing the best invites. In order to please the guests, an attractive invitation is a must. This also helps in creating the best memories of your important day.

designer wedding card india

Designer Wedding Card

In the modern days, the trend of invitations is changing and people are opting to have a designer wedding card. This is a unique style in which the couple can personalize the card with the help of experts who are called as designers.

Priorities in a designer wedding card

Design: It is the first priority for any wedding invitation, and hiring best designers will give you designs which can be beyond your imagination. They will put down your imagination in a printed form. They customize the designs as per the theme of the wedding and nature of the couple. You can check the samples of these designers to know their creative and quality of work.

Content: This is a significant point to be taken care of in every designer wedding card. The information should be well put in the words. The date, venue, time, and the names of bride and groom should be clearly mentioned in the cards. You can express your thoughts to the designers and include any verses from holy books, or phrases of your own to impress the relatives. Language of the content should be chosen by you, be it English or Hindi. Even contact numbers are to be included in the cards to avoid confusion for the guests.

Cost: It is a misconception among people that designer marriage invitations are priced high. But, the fact is that the price of the cards depends on quality, material, style and so on. The printing and designing costs are also included, however they are minimal. If you find a new company online offering such services, then you can find discount if you are lucky.

So, while hiring the best designers of wedding cards or service provider companies, make sure to remember the above mentioned aspects.