Indian weddings!!! They are an amalgamation of tradition, culture, fun, family reunion and most of all, round and rounds of tea and coffee servings! Unlike the usual wedding happenings in the west where the relatives arrive on the day of the wedding and the dress is solemnly chosen by the bride and her expert wedding planner, our nation's economic and population wealth is well displayed in weddings. You get to see your first and second cousins arrive few weeks before and some long- distance never- met uncles and aunts arrive a week before the big day with loud giggles and hard to pronounce names!

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Choosing the outfits??? Well seven rituals on seven evenings and you will have to change 14 odd dresses each weighing more than the other and the bride. The outfits of course radiate the standard and class of Indian weddings and their importance which is always twined with reverence and royalty. One thing that adds more flavor and grandeur to the bride or the groom apart from their family chosen kurta and lehengas is the make- up.

Once the bride wakes up from her jittery beauty sleep, she is carefully watched over by the hair stylist and make- up artist. They become her official chauffeurs with curlers and rouge brushes. The make- up starts many hours before the wedding and she is shipped carefully from the parlor to the aisle just like a princess in glittery blouse, gold shimmering heavy skirts and an adorable blush.

Starting from the eyes, each bride's eye color is transformed into a collage of thousand rainbows with the eye shadow fillers and primers. The entire face is lavishly ordained with rose- rued settler and sparkly shades for the cheeks with colors to go with the dress.

The lips are the epicenters of an impeccable and professional make- up. They truly exude the very beauty of the bride. Avoiding glosses but opting for glowing liners and water- proof base tint is what you need for enhanced lips that would survive the drinks and thirst needs.

Indian girls usually have grandmother - oiled, split free hair, long and strongly natured with mom's homemade recipes. For a special day like this, the follicular guardian angels are on heavy duty! The hair is usually covered with the dupatta in Hindu weddings so an upheld bun with a something borrowed or blue hair- piece would suffice.

The pre- wedding rituals and celebrations like haldi and mehendi are solemnly done to cool the bride and garnish her beauty with the fullness of turmeric and henna. Thus Indian weddings are soulfully lit with splendor and finery that no one ever gets to miss.