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Indian Marriage Culture: Full Of Colors And Joy!

Indian Marriage Culture: Full Of Colors And Joy! by parekhcards 18/01/2017 at 9:30

Indian marriage is no doubt full of colors along with lovely traditions and rituals. Along with marking the beginning of a new life for the couple, it is an event that binds family members altogether. Someone has truly said that marriage takes place in heaven.

Indian Marriage Culture Indian Marriage Culture | Image Resource :

Below is a brief description regarding Indian marriage culture that will give you exposure to some of the real happenings:

1. Parents take the initiative to choose the right partner

2. Inclusion of modern trends

3. Selection of rich and beautiful costumes

4. Preparing a list of guests

5. Arranging invitation in a creative manner

6. Performing of a long term event

7. Wedding taking place in an auspicious moment

8. Performing several rituals

9. Organizing of reception

10. Bidding good luck to start a new life

Indian Marriage - In a Bit Detail!

Marriage has always remained a debatable subject. It is an event that binds two souls together. Let us get to know what exactly Indian marriage is all about!

  • The moment a child enters this beautiful world, parents start planning the best. Afterwards, they take the initiative to select the most suitable partner through negotiation. Negotiation takes place by keeping into consideration likes and dislikes of both partners.

  • People are bound to change themselves with the passage of time. Those days have become history when partners were not permitted to see each other. Taking into consideration modern trends, parents are also supportive regarding interaction of both.

  • After the marriage gets finalized, it is time to select the right type of costumes. It is essential to approach top designers for both clothing as well as jewelry. As the couple needs to look the best, one needs to make the selection with due care.

  • Now comes the time to prepare a list of invitees. It is recommended to sit together and have a detailed discussion with family members. Such a step will help in preparing the list with due care.

  • Invitation cards must also be presentable. In this modern digital age, you may opt for online invitations as well. You must browse through the list of Indian wedding invitation designs online to make a good selection as a lot of options are open for you.

  • As Indian marriage is a long term event, a number of occasions take place prior the final wedding. Ranging from Sangeet to Mehendi, these events may be even hosted for a few days.

  • Soon the final day of wedding arrives. Family members in association with the pandit select the shubh muhurt to carry on with the task of wedding. As wedding takes place only once in lifetime, an auspicious moment is selected.

  • There are several rituals that need to be carried out on the final day of the wedding. The groom is welcomed with fun and frolic. Finally, the couple exchange their vows followed by putting of vermilion on the head of the bride.

  • Wedding without reception is beyond imagination. The newly married couple is blessed by elders and guests. The reception includes various types of delicious food items that make the wedding ceremony a memorable one.

  • Finally, the Vidaai ceremony takes place. The bride is welcomed at her new house where she gets introduced to a new family life.

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