Jhoomers had been prevalent during the Mughal era. But now they are popular among almost all. People belonging to all religions are nowadays on their ways to put up jhoomers. Wedding celebration takes place only once in lifetime. Why not adorn yourself on this special day with exclusively designed jewelries?

Jhoomers Every Bride Need Jhoomers Every Bride Need | Image Resource : prickprock.com

Various Types of Jhoomers Available in the Market

Are you planning to beautify your head in a creative as well as stylish manner? Then it is high time to opt for exclusive collections of jhoomers. When put on in a special manner, it will definitely make you look beautiful. Below are five varieties of jhoomers from where you may choose the one that suits your style statement:

  • Elaborate jhoomers - Elaborate jhoomers refer to big sized ones. At present, they are becoming larger as well as bigger to meet style statements from every angle. More number of layers, better will be the look. You may give a new turn to your style statement by including flowers along with it. A small sized Maangtika will also form a nice pair.
  • Pearl jhoomers - Pearls are always preferred by each and every woman. Though small in size, their classy appearance cannot be compared to anything. A pretty miniature will definitely add glory to your style statement on the day of your wedding. To get it noticed, it must be placed in the middle of the Anarkali or lehenga. More intricate it is, better it will look!

  • Diamond jhoomers - Diamonds will always remain as precious as ever. Their glittering will always give an astounding look to you on the day of wedding. Diamonds form symbols of aristocracy. They are preferable to wear as they will reflect the glory. It can be used as a hairpin on your braid for creating an astounding look.

  • Hairpin style jhoomers - Hairpin style jhoomers are other types of jhoomers that a bride must put on. It will not only adorn your hair but also provide you a simple and highly aesthetic look. On the auspicious occasion of wedding, the bride must combine her jhoomers with passa and necklace.

  • Golden jhoomers - Golden jhoomers are available in the market from where you need to choose the one that attracts you. Combining it with proper earrings and necklaces will complete your overall graceful appearance. They look nice when studded with colored gems. It is time to go vintage.

These are some exclusive varieties of jhoomers from where you need to select the most suitable one. At the time of choosing, you need to consider some points like size, budget and style. Each and every item is best at its own place. But the choice depends upon the person concerned. Take your time to choose the most suitable option.

It is great to refer some fashion magazines by top style specialists from where you can learn something new. Traditions have remained the same. Only the method of presentation has changed. But it goes without any doubt that jhoomers make every bride more prettier and gives the special traditional look!