Laser cut wedding cards are custom designed to match a couple's special day perfectly. These laser-cut cards are crafted from various materials, including wood and acrylic, and have modern designs incorporating the couple's favourite memories. These beautiful custom laser-cut wedding cards are then personalized with names and other details to create an exclusive design that makes them truly special. These cards have many benefits that make them the perfect gift for any bride or groom.

  1. Golden Carving

Golden Carving

These cards have an exclusive design, and various materials and designs can be used to create these cards. We offer a diverse range of products, including wood and acrylic, with things like laser cutting for intricate designs. These beautiful cards are available in any size so you can get a custom-made design for any couple on their special day. They come with modern designs that incorporate the couple's favourite memories, making them truly special and memorable.

2. Burgundy Rose

Burgundy Rose

A romantic symbolism is fitting for the wedding of love. A beautiful couple with a golden heart, a tiny sliver of a dove, and a beautiful red rose are displayed on the front of these stunning cards. Beautiful red roses that symbolize love come with gold accents and silver hearts to symbolize true love. On the back of this card is an elegant purple ribbon with gold heart ornaments that perfectly fit any special occasion. The elegant card comes in any size and colour you wish to have. It comes flat against the card base, so there is no need to waste any space on serving cards at the reception tables or place them in an envelope beforehand.

3. Floral Laser Wonder - IN

Floral Laser Wonder - IN

This is a beautifully designed card with elegant violets to symbolize the bride and groom's first meeting. On the front of this card, you will find a single lily flower representing the bride of the couple, and this lily slightly faded away to show a watermark between them. The rear of this card has an elegant colourful floral design that is not so common in wedding cards. The card has a larger space for any information you need it to have, such as name, address, and a message.

4. Lovely Pastel Pink - NA

Lovely Pastel Pink - NA

There are two hearts on the front of this card, and it also has an elegant pastel pink flower. There are two heart-shaped silver roses on the back that symbolize true love. The card has a modern and colourful design that is pleasing to the eyes. Similar to the other cards, this one too comes flat against the card base, making it easy to fold or place in an envelope and pass around at any wedding reception table. The honeymoon trip you will take together is enjoyable when you have a comfortable partner. This lovely card is perfect for remembering your honeymoon trip with those mementos that are always so special.

Laser cut wedding cards are perfect for couples who wish to have something on the big day that will stand out. These cards are a great way of symbolizing the couple's relationship, and they can be used as part of a gift basket at weddings or as a personal card to give to guests. The cards come in many designs and styles, including custom ones that can be created to match anything the couple wishes. These cards have the perfect design for couples with modern tastes and are pleasing to the eyes.