Indian Wedding Invitations

Indian Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitation is an essential part of a wedding, and is used for inviting all the well-wishers of the new couple. Indians are more diligent about sending invitations to all relatives and friends, whom they want in all the pre and post-wedding functions. Thus, the selection of wedding cards is the foremost job for every new couple and their families. Some specific features set the Indian wedding invitation designs apart from the wedding cards made in foreign countries.

Main varieties of designs noted in Indian wedding cards

Spiritual images and motifs are widely used in many Indian wedding cards, due to the devotion of Indians towards their religions. Hence, the pictures of popular deities are often seen on the cover pages of many wedding cards. Mainly colorful images divine couples like Shiva-Parvati, Ram-Sita, and Radha-Krishna, as well as Ganesha feature on the wedding cards of Hindus.

  • Significant religious symbols are depicted on the templates of wedding cards, which are classified according to religions on the websites of wedding card makers. Every religion has its specific sacred symbols, which are drawn artistically on the cover pages of wedding cards. Hindu motifs are Om, Swastika, and white conch while the Muslim symbol is crescent and stars. Likewise, Sikhs, Jain, and Christians have their specific religious symbols as well.
  • Typical Indian animals and birds are also preferred as cover page designs in many wedding cards of Indian couples. Gorgeous and colorful pictures of dancing peacocks, sprinting deer, royally decked elephants, elegant white horses, and procession of camels are usually chosen for imprinting on wedding cards.
  • Different floral designs are quite popular for featuring on Indian wedding invitations. Large pictures of flowers, like roses, lotus, and lilies, of vibrant colors, are preferred for making impressive wedding cards. Flowers are considered as the symbols of romance, purity, and happiness, for which such designs are ideal as Indian wedding invitation designs. The picture of an elaborate spread of small flowers on the wedding card can match the floral decorations of a wedding venue.
  • Beautiful geometric patterns used in making Rangolis are often used on wedding invitations. These artistic designs depict the Indian culture, as Rangolis are drawn to adorn houses during all Indian festivals. Thus, wedding card makers can create many variations of such Rangoli designs, using bright colors all over the pages of wedding invitations.
  • The Mandalas art form is another traditional wedding card design for Indians. It is geometric patterns within a circle, as the word ‘Mandala’ literally means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit. Multiple circles are enclosed within a square and the entire pattern is divided into several uniform segments around a point at the centre of the design.
  • Some special musical instruments, like shehnai, violin, and flute, are usually played during the wedding and other Indian celebrations. Hence, the depiction of these instruments on wedding cards creates traditional designs depicting the love of new couples for their culture. However, some people also prefer pictures of foreign musical instruments, like saxophone and drums, on their wedding invitations.
  • Various wedding rituals are often beautifully depicted on the wedding invitations of Indian couples. The scenes of Mehendi, Sangeet, Haldi, and the main wedding ceremony are usually seen on many wedding cards. Pictures of wedding processions with the groom or the bride are also chosen as subjects of wedding card designs.
  • Modern Indian couples love to see the pictures of their favorite video games on their wedding cards. Nintendo, Game of Thrones, and other popular games range high as the wedding invitation designs of many young couples, who are passionate about playing video games.
  • Wedding cards featuring pop-up designs are also preferred as a stylish trend by many Indian couples. The subjects of these pop-ups are usually picked up as per the wedding themes chosen by new couples. These wedding cards are usually more expensive than the ones with simple cover page designs.
  • Mehendi designs are also popular for adorning wedding invitations. Generally, simple and unique patterns are preferred for putting mehendi on the hands and feet of a bride. These same designs can be used all over the cover page of a wedding card, rendering an explicit look to the entire wedding card.
  • Comic illustrations of various wedding-related topics are hot favorites among fun-loving couples. Sometimes, these wedding invitations are personalized with comic sketches of the real-life love story of new couples. These animated pictures can make all guests smile on viewing these wedding cards, which is the motto of inviting them. The outlook of a new couple towards marriage can also be depicted in a funny way to make an interesting wedding invitation for them.
  • A wedding invitation enclosed in a box is a traditional way of inviting people according to ancient Indian culture. These wedding cards are designed in distinct shapes and sizes, to fit inside the boxes easily. Some designers also opt to attach a wind chime to the wedding card, to make it more exclusive.
  • Paisleys of various sizes can be used to create wonderful designs on wedding cards. Professional designers make use of multicolored paisleys for adorning the cover page of wedding cards and also border the invitation letter in an artistic way. Thus, paisley is a traditional way of adorning wedding cards, as paisley is an ethnic ornamental design of Asia.
  • Digital wedding invitations can be created with enjoyable videos of short length, which can be made with the new couples and their family members. They may also upload clippings from their favorite movies or music albums to create amazing personalized wedding invitations.
  • Usually, vibrant colors, like red, orange, purple, magenta, royal blue, emerald green, and chrome yellow are used in Indian wedding cards. It is preferable to have the background color in sharp contrast with the colors used for wedding card designs, to make the designs more visible.
  • Printed wedding cards are usually made of good quality paper, on which chosen designs will have a great look. Handmade papers with metallic shine, vellum paper, and linen paper are quite expensive, though remarkable wedding cards can be made of these materials. So, most people prefer marble paper, glossy paper, or matte paper for their wedding cards within a limited budget.

Unique style of wordings in Indian wedding invitation letters

  • Every Indian couple wants their wedding invitation letter to be written in their mother tongue, which is spoken by all their relatives and close friends. Thus, all wedding card makers keep the provision of writing wedding cards in prime vernacular languages of India, to satisfy their Indian clients from all regions.
  • The wedding invitation letter usually starts with the name of a deity or a phrase from a religious text, to seek divine bliss for the new couple. Hindus prefer to write Sanskrit phrases from the Vedas or Bhagavat Gita while Muslims want a phrase in Arabic from the Holy Quran. Sikhs need to write a phrase in Gurmukhi language from Guru Granth Sahib and Christians usually pick up quotes from the English version of the Bible.
  • The wedding invitation letters for Indian couples contain a brief introduction about the parentage and the ancestry of the bride and groom distinctly. This information is essential to give an idea to wedding guests about the family background of the new couple, which is very important as per the Indian culture.
  • All the wedding details, including the address of the wedding venue, date and time of the wedding ceremony, and other rituals should be mentioned in clearly visible letters on the wedding invitation letter. Usually, people prefer to mention all these details in English as well so that even guests belonging to other linguistic backgrounds can understand the necessary information.
  • Sometimes, only the postal address of a wedding venue is not enough to guide wedding guests to the right location. Hence, it is essential to provide a landmark that will help people to reach there without much confusion. Now, it is even better to provide a location map with the wedding invitation, for helping guests to find the wedding venue, who will be arriving from other cities.
  • According to Indian tradition, wedding invitation letters should be undersigned in the name of the eldest member of the family. It is done as a mark of respect to that person, owing to his/her age and wisdom that guides all other family members.

All these features of Indian wedding cards are usually maintained by professional wedding card makers. They strictly follow the common choices of their clients while choosing Indian wedding invitation designs for the templates to be displayed on their websites. Thus, it becomes easier for new couples to select the best wedding card for inviting their guests. They should check all the templates in a particular category that suits their social or religious status, to pick up the most interesting wedding card.

Thus, new couples can now choose their wedding cards while sitting at their home, without visiting all the local card shops as used to be done in earlier times.