The wedding holds a great importance and reverence in the heart of the Indians, as they consider the marital bond to be a sacred one, actually decided by divine power. Hence, the wordings of the Indian wedding cards reflect this mentality, as all the card-makers are also well aware of this significance.

Indian Wedding Card Wordings Indian Wedding Card Wordings

Though India is a land of diverse religions, every wedding card follows the same rule of writing the invitation letter in the local vernacular language. But due to the international connections of the modern couples, they prefer the letter to be written in English as well, beside their own mother tongue. Even the makers of the digital wedding cards also follow the suit.

Specialty of the wordings of Indian wedding cards

Tone of the letter - The Indian wedding cards wordings are written in a polite tone, requesting the guests to attend the wedding, on behalf of the guardians of the bride or the groom, seeking their blessings or good wishes for the new couple. Usually, this invitation letter is undersigned by the eldest member of the family, as per the rules of the Indian culture.

Important details - All the details of the family background of both the bride and the groom are provided in the invitation letter, including brief details about their ancestry; as the Indians are very sensitive about their ancestral backgrounds. The guests are able to get clear idea about the bride and the groom from this letter, as usually they are supposed to know either the bride or the groom only.

Religious touch in the card - Like the decorations of most of the wedding cards, the wordings of the invitation letter also depict the religious background of the wedding couple. In accordance with the religious-mindedness of the Indians, every invitation letter generally starts with the mention of the name of the worshipped deity of the specific religion of that family. For example, the Hindu invitation letter starts with the name and the symbol of Hindu Gods, like Ganesha or Sri Krishna; the Muslim invitation letter starts with ‘Bismillah’ and the Islamic religious symbols.

Address details - Lastly, the address of the wedding venue should be mentioned separately at the end of the letter, with the proper landmarks of the place, so that the guests can find the place easily. The time of each wedding ritual is also usually mentioned in the wedding card, so that they can attend these rituals and enjoy with the family of the wedding couple.

The ideal Indian wedding cards can be obtained in the digital form, from the website of renowned wedding card manufacturing companies, where all the features of the typical wordings of the Indian wedding cards are diligently preserved.