Splash Watercolours Wedding Cards Splash Watercolours Wedding Cards

Are you in favour of choosing watercolour for your wedding card? If you think they look stunning, there is a reason behind it. Different watercolours have a different meaning attached to them.

Would you like to discover the symbolic meaning behind watercolours and then choose your wedding card? (We highly recommend that you do!)

White symbolises purity, innocence and perfection

Hindu Wedding Cards Hindu Wedding Cards

The colour white is a prolific colour of innocence. It symbolises different things such as:

  • White flowers, card and decor signify a new beginning with your life partner.
  • The strength of white is that it merges with every colour beautifully. Let's be practical, white can't ever disappoint anyone and cause a dispute between families (a very likely scenario during weddings)
  • White is also perfect for summer weddings as it instantly lowers the temperature with its coolness.

Pink portrays unconditional love, warmth and understanding

Hindu Wedding Cards Hindu Wedding Cards

The colour pink is no longer associated with femininity. Take a peek at associated symbolic meanings related to the colour:

  • Choosing pink makes you the friendly host of the wedding that everyone can approach and talk to easily.
  • The positivity that spreads through pink colour is important to mitigate differences that may arise during your wedding (imagine the power of this colour could dissolve the judgemental environment)
  • Pink colour would brighten up the wintery moods of guests.

Green is the colour of fertility, growth and calmness

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The green colour is often associated with fertility and growth. The next phase of your life would lead to reproducing a life! This colour is symbolic of many other things such as:

  • The hues of green bring a calming effect (when you can't get your hair right or can't find your matching shoes, take a look around the venue and calm down your nerves)
  • Peace and contentment are two major symbolic meanings associated with green. This colour is perfect for stressed bride and groom.
  • Green promotes rebirth and growth that are essential for leading your new life.

There are many other attractive colours that you could choose for your wedding. Each colour symbolises different meanings, want to know more about different variations? Wait for the next blog to increase your awareness of your favourite colour.