Simple Stage Decorations in a Hindu Wedding

Simple Stage Decorations in a Hindu Wedding

When wedding guests enter a wedding venue, their foremost attraction is set on the well-decorated centre stage. The bride and groom sit on this stage where all the marital rituals are conducted by the priest. Thus, this stage should be adorned artistically to gain appreciation from all wedding guests from both sides. Reputed wedding venue decorators create simple decoration style as per the budget and choice of their clients.

Simple wedding stage décor ideas in a Hindu wedding

A wedding stage can be made colorful easily by hanging drapes of various bright shades. Silk or satin drapes provide a grand look due to the natural shine of these fabrics. Stylish hangings over these curtains add extra grandeur to the wedding stage décor.

A Hindu wedding venue décor is incomplete without the use of flowers. It is not necessary to use costly flowers for this purpose. Decorators can choose seasonal flowers that are easily available at cheap prices, like marigolds and chrysanthemums, to make the wedding stage gorgeous.

Simple décor items, like fairy lights and metallic wall hangings, can change the look of the wedding stage. Little stars of golden and silver shades are hung on metal wires to beautify the stage. These materials are available at low costs or maybe taken on rent from local suppliers.

The lighting is very important for the wedding stage so that all wedding guests can see the wedding rituals clearly. A large chandelier with lots of electric bulbs or candles can be hung over the stage, to illuminate the space brightly. If there is a budget constraint, numerous candles or LED bulbs can be fitted all over the place systematically, to get the same lighting effect.

The wedding stage or Mandap can be created in the shape of a dome that is decked all over with flowers. It looks like a fairyland due to the use of suitable props, like small mirrors and sequins, as per the choice and expertise of hired decorators.

The centre stage can be created in the shape of a chariot, with the use of thermocol sheets, lighting arrangements, and several props. Though it may be more expensive, it creates a lovely ambiance that will make the wedding memorable.

Simple geometric patterns can be made by using strips of fabrics, gold and silver shimmers, and strings of tiny LED lights. This type of stage decoration is very simple yet elegant, which can be done within a short span.

If it is a beach wedding, the wedding stage can be adorned by hanging tiny fishes cut from cardboard and wrapped with glossy papers of different colors. Pink or peach-colored drapes are used to cover the sides of the open stage, to render the look of coral reefs.

Wedding decorators adorn a stage in such a way that the havan kund or the fire pit and other puja materials can be easily replaced by sofas and seating arrangements. In this way, the same stage can be doubly used for the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception.