A wedding is considered the most auspicious event in a person’s life. Among the wedding rituals, the Haldi is the most playful, vibrant and zesty ceremony. In the modern era, Haldi is not a mere ritual of applying turmeric paste to the bride and groom. Now, it has elaborated into a fun-filled party where everyone plays with flowers, water and colors.

Capture the pure essence of love and joy during the Haldi ceremony. Flaunt your fashion senses on this day and get the best Haldi photoshoot for your wedding album. Scroll down to get some ideas on how to pose perfectly for the photoshoot.

Haldi photoshoot ideas

  1. Go Cozy and Mushy

Go Cozy and Mushy | neetashankar.com

This is a beautiful couple photoshoot amidst yellow colors that reveals love, understanding and compatibility between them.

2. Invite Your Pets

Invite your pets | i.pinimg.com

Pets are an integral part of a family so it will be great to invite and include them in your Haldi photoshoot.

3. Kiss Each Other

Kiss Each Other | i.pinimg.com

This is a romantic pose where couple kisses each other and seals the moment of love with a click.

4. Shower With The Flowers

Shower With The Flowers | i.pinimg.com

Bring the magic of flowers to your celebration by showering colorful flowers over the couple.

5. Mix Some Fun and Warmth

Mix Some Fun and Warmth | i.pinimg.com

Capture the purest emotion of siblings while having fun during the Haldi ceremony. It is a great idea to feel nostalgic even after years.

6. Fun with Water

Fun with Water | cdn0.weddingwire.in

Another joyful idea for your Haldi photography is spilling water over the couple. This is the best way to get natural shots while having fun.

Haldi poses for couple

  1. Love Pose

Love Pose | i.pinimg.com

This is an intimate pose for the couple and is truly magical if you are not camera shy.

2. The Eyes Meet

The Eyes Meet | i.pinimg.com

Eyes don’t lie and a pose where both the partner looks into each other’s eyes is perfection to be captured.

3. Kiss of love

Kiss of love | cdn0.weddingwire.in

Seal the romantic moment with a kiss. This is one of the Haldi poses for the couple that must be added to the wedding album.

4. A Touch of Quirkiness

A Touch of Quirkiness | i.pinimg.com

Add some funny moments to the celebration. Use props to bring out the funny side of yours and get it clicked.

Brides are often the main attraction at their wedding as they dress beautifully and look gorgeous with makeup. But, when it comes to the Haldi ceremony, you should pose in the right way to look vibrant on the album. Being an important ritual in the wedding ceremony, you can make this day the most memorable one by applying Haldi and trying different Haldi poses for your photo collection.

Besides enjoying every part and ritual of marriage, separately and unitedly, it’s time to get ready for the couple's wedding poses to make your wedding album look exotic. There are several romantic, cute and candid photographic poses to try with your partner.

May your Haldi photoshoot overflows with love and happiness. Capture the wave of emotions in your wedding album and feel the truest essence of love and joy years after year!