A wedding is a great event in everyone's life. Each couple dreams to have a perfect wedding. Wedding invitations are one of the initial steps towards the wedding day. The Indian wedding ceremonies vary in different states and so do the wedding cards. Read to know about the Indian wedding invitation card designs and patterns.

Indian Wedding Invitation Card Designs | Image Resource: parekhcards.com

Traditional Wedding Cards From India

Indians always like to uphold their culture and tradition. They make sure that their wedding cards reveal Indian origin.

Here some characteristic features of Indian wedding cards that are always prominent:

  • Images of deities like Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati, or Devi Laxmi
  • Common patterns like the Paisley designs are visible on the Indian Invitation cards or envelopes

Apart from these, there are many other factors that can help you identify a wedding invitation from India. The wedding card is usually designed in an attractive fashion. There are many variants even among Indian wedding cards. Some of the most common options are scroll wedding cards, laser-cut wedding cards, and designer wedding cards. Modern variations like eco-friendly wedding cards are catching up.

Usual Construction Of Indian Wedding Cards

The wedding cards in India usually have a simple construction. They come enclosed in an envelope. The envelope may be designer or plain. It usually comes in the same shade as the invitation card.

The card has a beautiful exterior with attractive designs. Some of the royal wedding invitations have embellishments of beads and jewels. These look very attractive and give the wedding card a royal appeal.

Scroll wedding cards are also very often preferred by Indians. These are encased in a lovely case. They also look luxurious. These are available in many diverse price ranges.