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15 Uunusual Ideas For Viral Bachelorette This 2018

15 Uunusual Ideas For Viral Bachelorette This 2018 by parekhcards 03/07/2018 at 2:30

Bachelorette Party Invitation Bachelorette Party Invitation

One of the most exciting events in the wedding conundrum is the bachelorette party! However, planning this event can dampen the zeal.

It's a lot of hard work as the bride needs to make sure that all the bridesmaids have a blast at the event.

Here are 15 different plans for your bachelorette this 2018!

  • Send party invites: Beautiful and innovative invites are extremely trendy. You can send personalised invites in the form of videos or you could select an attractive card invite.
  • Rent a villa: Rather than renting a hotel for your bridesmaids and putting restrictions to your fun activities, you should opt for renting a Villa. Pick a villa far away from the prying eyes of the public. You could also rent a home in the heart of a city to reduce transportation costs.
  • Throw a co-ed bachelorette party: Invite your female and male friends to a party place together. You and your husband-to-be could combine the fun of bachelor and bachelorette party. Increase your fun quotient and multiply your savings with this incredible idea.
  • Pack a customised gift with a personal message: Your bridesmaids have been your supporting pillar for life. Send a customised gift to each according to their likes. Decorate the package brilliantly and send a personalised note about a fond memory or a quote that suits them most.
  • Photo shoot for your bridesmaids: Instead of clicking selfies, invite a personal photographer for a photo shoot with your friends.
  • Relax with spa and wellness therapy: Instead of concentrating on getting drunk, sign up for a relaxing spa. It will help to rejuvenate you before the big day.
  • Take a distillery tour: Rather than just tasting wine, you could take a distillery tour. Sula vineyards in Maharashtra is quite famous.
  • Gift a survival kit to every bridesmaid: Every bridesmaid needs a survival kit to continue partying and get rid of those hang-ups after a long night of drinking.
  • Try out an adventure sport: Plan an activity like scuba-diving or parasailing with your friends. The adrenaline rush would definitely pump up the excitement.
  • Wear matching outfits: Order matching outfits and get the personal photographer to take some awesome pictures. These photos would stir up your social media before your wedding!
  • Shortlist the best eating joints in town: If you are in Goa and a vegetarian, you would probably miss out on the best seafood available in India. However, list down the best restaurants in town and gift yourself gourmet of your choice.
  • Individual sashes for everyone: Get custom sashes printed according to the personality of your friend and ask them to wear it for the photoshoot.
  • Make an Instagram story: Post the events on Instagram so that people at home would not miss out on the fun!
  • Plan a cocktail party: Shortlist the best pubs and discos in town. If you are in Goa, check Club Cabana and Tito.
  • Play party games: Play fun games such as truth or dare and passing the parcel. You could try drinking games like Beer pong and Never have I ever. To make the party interesting, you could prepare a list of personal questions and ask your friends to answer. Don't forget to gift the winner!


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