Marriage is a sacred bond between souls. Every bride and groom want to have a perfect wedding that exceeds their expectations and the expectation of their guests.

Types of wedding invitation paper Types of wedding invitation paper

Inviting guests is the first step to formally announcing to the world about your upcoming 'Big Day'. Wouldn't you want to do it in the best way possible? Here's your guide to selecting the type of paper for your wedding invitation.

Types of wedding invitation paper

  • Cotton and Linen: Cotton paper is made from pure cotton and gives a perfect classy look to the card. Linen cards are a blend of cotton with linen finish. Both papers are thick and last for a longer period of time. Smooth and soft to the touch, these are preferred because of their light weight and durability.
  • Recycled: Eco-friendly couples can choose this type of paper for their wedding invitation. The used paper is broken down with chemicals to formulate the new type of paper that can be used by people. Sending a wedding invitation in a recycled paper will show your guests your concern for the environment.
  • Textured paper: Textured paper is somewhat like your canvas art. The raw feeling that you get when you touch canvas sheet is the same with textured paper. There are different types of textured papers such as embossed textured papers, one-sided smooth texture, and woven textured paper.
  • Vellum: This paper looks like a tracing paper and gives a softness to your wedding invitation. It is made from cotton and the pulp of wood. Vellum wedding invitation cards can be used in combination with other papers to enhance its beauty.
  • Matte paper: Pastel colors shine out when printed on matte paper. Matte finish paper does not get stained easily and looks subtle. There is no shine to the paper thus making it extremely effective for wedding card invitations. It's also extremely easy to emboss letters on this kind of papers.

Give your guests a reason to remember your wedding with the perfect wedding card!