Wedding Invitations Wedding Invitations

The energy, the enthusiasm and the fervor of your wedding should be extended to your guests. Your first formal invite is in the form of a wedding card so wouldn't you want to make it as attractive as possible?

The visual appeal of wedding cards depends a lot on the kind of printing technique utilized. Each style used for inviting your guests conveys different emotions. You can pick out your favorite one from the list below and make the right choice of announcing your dream wedding in style!


Thermography Thermography | Image Resource :

Thermography is the technique to print letters or images on the card with the help of heat. It gives a natural look to the wedding invite and makes your guests feel at ease of attending a wedding. Compared to engraving this is a cost-effective method of printing images or letters on your wedding invitation card.


Engraving Engraving | Image Resource :

Give your wedding invite a royal touch by engraving them. Copper plates with custom messages are prepared for your wedding invite and then the paper is inserted in the printing press. Carefully each letter of the copper plate is pressed on the custom-made paper to give it an elegant finish. The design and letters look raised-up from the paper giving it a distinct look.


Laser-cut Laser-cut | Image Resource :

These are extremely popular and require acute craftsmanship to design them beautifully. The paper is cut into a unique design skillfully and gives a beautiful appearance that makes your guests feel special. The cost of the card depends mostly on the intricacy of the design. These cards are usually preferred for an intimate wedding.

Foil stamping

Foil stamping Foil stamping | Image Resource

Indentation is stamped on the paper with solid colors such as metallic colors-gold, silver, black, pink etc. The heavy quality paper is required for foil stamping which uses heat to print on the foil paper. This foil paper transfers the design to the invitation paper with the help of a printing press. This unique style of printing is lustrous that will impress your wedding guests. It will catch the attention of the reader instantly and make them recall it even after days of reading the invite!


Digital Digital | Image Resource :

Usually referred to as 'flat printing' digital printing produces flat letters and images on the wedding invite. Digital printing is the reproduction of designs through laser printers on the paper selected by you. This is the most economical form of printing as it just requires a print command for printing the card and can be sent through the mail. The quick turnaround time and the options for creativity make digital printing one of the most ideal form of printing techniques for wedding invites.