If you believe that wedding celebrations are the only fun and crazy part, time to think again! Well, wedding is more than just the delicious food and fun. Here we present some crazy wedding rituals that will surely leave your jaw dropped!

Fun and Crazy Wedding Rituals Worldwide

Some fun and crazy wedding rituals observed in different parts of the world are right here!

Custom 1: Make a Mess and Good Luck Will Favor the Couple

A famous wedding custom in Germany, “Polterabend” is performed a night before the wedding. This involves all the wedding guests marching into a room carrying old porcelain dishes and smashing them to the ground. The aim is to break the porcelain into very small pieces. Then, the groom and the bride need to clear up every single piece of porcelain before midnight. And guess what? Guests make it more difficult by scattering the pieces everywhere or emptying the wheelbarrow that is filled with more broken dishes. Apparently, this custom is considered to bring good luck to the couple!

Custom Two: Let’s Break Up

No, this does not require the couple to break up their relationship. They just have to shatter a glass or vase right after their wedding ceremony ends. Then, the couple has to count those broken pieces. Know why? Because it discloses the number of happily married years the couple will get to enjoy!

Custom Three: A Toast to a Sticky and Sweet Life

According to a Swedish custom, once the marriage ceremony is over, the bride’s mother meets the bride at the door to break a sticky and sweet currant bun on her head. Sounds weird? Well, this is done to bless the daughter with a happy and wonderful married life. Food lovers can always take a bite off the broken bun too!

Custom Four: Money Matters

This is a marriage custom in Hungary where a special kind of dance is performed on the day of the wedding. The bride has to keep her shoes at the center of the room. Then, men who are interested in dancing with the bride can stuff money in the shoes.

Custom Five: Groom Vs a Lion

Before the wedding ceremony, a Massai groom has to present his bride with lion skin. YES, the groom needs to kill the lion on his own! While sitting at home, the bride and other women pray for the groom to come back home safe.

These sure are some fun and interesting customs. So, do give them a shot at the next wedding you attend. It will surely add more fun and life to the whole wedding!