Deciding on what to wear for a wedding can be quite a daunting task, especially when the bride in question is you. So, here we present a guide on helping you choose the right attire for your special day.

Top Seven Trends: Wedding Attire for Brides

Here are the top seven trends in the wedding attire for brides:

1. Ruffles
Trending since years, ruffle gowns have been a favorite for many-a- brides. This trend was. These wedding gowns are stylish, classy and create quite a wonderful impact. Started by Monique Lhuillier, a famous fashion designer, these gowns are perfect for brides who want a trendy look on their wedding.

2.1950s Style
Some trends never fade. This same is the case with the 1950s style gown that still manages to remain in vogue. Brides with an hour-glass figure should consider pulling up these gowns. These gowns make an important place in most designer collections. It is entirely the bride’s choice whether she wants an off-shoulder gown or one with sleeves. If classic is your taste, 1950s Style gown is the right choice for your wedding.

3. Asymmetrical Seams
Gowns with asymmetrical seams have gained immense popularity in the past few years. While one side of the gown has an opening or other details, the other side has no such balancing feature. Brides find these gowns highly flattering. If you too are looking for something unique to wear on your wedding, gown with asymmetrical seams can be the right option.

4. Flower Power
Flower detailing on gowns is something that never goes out of fashion. These can be seen on most dresses these days. They provide that feminine touch, while being both elegant and wonderful to look at. Brides can opt for small flower detailing or a gown predominated with foliage. Gowns with the flower power add on to the inherent beauty of the bride.

5. Bows Gowns
What can be better than adorning a wedding gown with bows? Whether you opt for several bows gathered around the skirt or a large one on the back, bows always impart a stylish look.

6. Beading Highlights
Captivation beading on strategic areas can add a touch of flair to a wedding gown. Beading provides bling to an otherwise plain gown.

7. Sleeves and Straps
Gowns with straps and sleeves are making a grand comeback in the latest collection of bridal wedding attire. So, if you have always dreamt of gowns with straps and sleeves, it is time to rejoice!
You too can select any one of these amazing gowns, depending on your choice, body and wedding theme.