Are you going to get married soon? Is this new move giving you jitters? Well, the fact is not many people are able to figure out what to do to make their marriage a success. So, here are some tips on helping you lead a smooth and happy married life.
Tips for Newlyweds for a Happy Married Life
Here are the top five tips that newlywed couples can use for a happy and fulfilling married life:

1. Develop a Strong Communication Base :-
The ability to communicate well is the basic foundation for all relationships. Many newly-weds believe that their spouse will understand what they are trying to say; and that they need not express themselves, as their spouse will already know. However, this is not always true. You need to make things clear for your spouse to understand, rather than assume that they might have understood. Also, discuss your problems, ideas and emotions and develop a two-way communication with your spouse. This will save you from all unnecessary misunderstandings.

2. Date your mate.
So, you think dating is done only before marriage? Well, not really! Spending quality time with your mate after marriage is very important. So, celebrate little things in life; for instance, celebrate the first time you met, your first date, and the first one month anniversary. You can go out for dinners or arrange candlelit dinners at home. Getting all dressed up, going out together and having a gala time is something you will cherish all your life!

3. Take out "You" time
Being married does not mean you forsake everything else that ever existed in your life. For instance, do make sure to pursue your hobbies, meet your girlfriends and guy friends and go out on trips with them. It will keep both of you happy and you will also enjoy each other's company more.

4. Do not Set Unrealistic Expectations
All thanks to fairy tales, most girls grow up thinking their marriage will be all romance, unconditional love and sweet beginnings and endings. Time to face the reality! Every marriage goes through a rough patch. So, be prepared! The more realistic and understanding you are, better will be your marriage.

5. Learn to Forgive
Forgive easily and quickly. Put your ego to rest and learn to let things go, rather than clinging on to them. If your partner is angry, give him/her some space. Try to sort out things through communication. Revenge or tit-for-tat is of no good. It leads to more complications. So, the best way out is to forgive and then patch up.
Following these steps will help you overcome the many hurdles that are a part of marriage.