The much awaited day has come and you want to it to be perfect. However, the problem is that as a young bride, you are anxious, and think many wedding superstitions and myths to be true and consider your marriage doomed should you sight a “bad omen.” The truth, however, is that not all of these are true and also, there are some good superstitions and myths as well.

Wedding Myths and Superstitions Debunked
Here are some wedding myths and superstitions, with some considered good and others bad omens.

Rain On the Wedding Day
Rain on your wedding day is symbolic of good future. Rain symbolizes cleansing, unity, new starting and blessings. However, some consider it bad luck, as rain on the wedding day is believed to bring hard luck and tears for the bride during her married life.

Positioning of Groom and Bride
The positioning of groom and bride while they are on the altar is also considered to be important. The bride is made to stand on the left side of the groom. This is done to keep his sword arm free so that he can defend the bride from the evil intention of other men.

Dropping the Ring
It is popularly believed that dropping the wedding ring brings fatal consequences for the one who drops it. Certain wedding myths say that dropping the ring can hush away all evil spirits that surround the newlyweds. However, it is also believed that the one who drops it will be the first one to die among those present at the wedding.

Tailoring of Wedding Dress
Some believe that the bride should not be part of the sewing or tailoring process of her wedding dress. This is because every stitch that is sewed by the bride is symbolic of the number of tears she has to shed throughout her marriage.

Crying Bride
If the bride cries on her wedding day, it is believed to bring good luck for her in the marriage. Tears signify that she has already shed all the tears now and will not have to shed anymore during her married life.

Wearing Wedding Attire
It is considered a bad omen if the bride pulls up her entire wedding attire before the wedding day. Consequences may be tragedy and heartbreak.

Wearing White Wedding Dress
White color is symbolic of virginity and purity; however, the color is also associated with wedding myths and superstitions. For instance, it is believed that wearing white helps ward off any evil that might surround her on her wedding day.
So, if one of these omens happens to you on your wedding, it is up to your discretion to consider it a good or bad omen.