Digital Wedding Invitation Card

Digital Wedding Invitation Card

Since the trend of digitalization has invaded all spheres of life, the wedding card industry is not left out either. Presently, new couples do not like to move around from one shop to another in search of suitable wedding cards as per their choice. Rather, they are more inclined to find excellent wedding invitations online, directly from the websites of professional wedding card makers. They have realized the advantages of sending digital wedding cards to their guests, which have taken this business to a new height.

Prominent benefits of sending digital wedding invitations

The eco-friendly procedure of invitation

Earlier, wedding cards needed to be printed on paper, for which several trees were cut down to provide the raw material for the paper industry. This caused massive damage to the environment of the earth, reducing the greenery of this planet. On the contrary, a digital wedding invitation does not need paper as it is sent online to receivers.

Thus, the trend of sending digital wedding cards is definitely is a great leap for saving the greenery of the earth, which also saves the ozone layer surrounding the planet. The increase in the number of trees also helps in raising the oxygen level of the air, which is beneficial for the health of humans and other creatures that inhale oxygen. The reduction of trees was leading to the scarcity of oxygen in the air earlier, which has now stopped due to this trend of sending wedding invitations online.

Also, people need to travel by car or public transports to deliver printed wedding cards to their guests staying in the same city. This leads to burning much fuel of those vehicles, to reach their destinations, which can be avoided by sending digital cards online to all guests. Moreover, it saves air pollution created by the fumes caused by burning fuel while driving cars to deliver wedding cards.

Saves a lot of money in inviting guests

People had to send printed wedding cards through postal or courier services to their friends and relatives staying far away. The charges for both services were very high if cards needed to be sent abroad. Hence, a large amount of money had to be spent on inviting wedding guests.

Moreover, the printing of wedding cards meant a lump sum amount as well, due to the increasing printing costs and the high prices of printing inks. Some wedding cards are even more expensive if made of handmade paper or costly papers, like velvet paper.

However, the introduction of digital wedding invitations has saved new couples from all these expenses. Now, they do not need to print wedding cards anymore and the costs of designing e-cards are much lesser than the traditional printed cards.

Above all, people can save the postal or courier charges, as the digital wedding cards can be sent online without any expense. All the social media pages or other online platforms are free for all members, where they can easily share their digital wedding cards with all their contacts.

The much quicker procedure of sending

Previously, wedding cards needed to be sent at least a month before the scheduled wedding date so that enlisted guests receive the invitations well ahead of time. However, the concept of digital invitations has solved that problem. New couples can share their wedding cards on their Facebook and Twitter pages so that all their friends can instantly see their invitations there.

They can also send digital wedding cards on WhatsApp or via email to their friends and relatives, which take only a few seconds to reach the recipients. Thus, new couples and their families do not need to worry about sending wedding cards months before the wedding date to their honored guests. The online procedure is much faster and it is a great time-saver amidst all the wedding preparations.

Better scope for customization of cards

In printed wedding cards, it is not possible to change the background color or the colors used in the designs of the cover page. Digitalization has enabled the customization of wedding invitations according to the tastes of new couples. They simply need to choose a wedding card template from the given catalogs on the website of a wedding card maker. Then they can change its background color and may even add to the given design.

New couples are also free to upload their photos in romantic style or group photos of their families on their chosen wedding card templates, to further personalize their wedding invitations. Video wedding invitations can also be created by uploading personal videos of a new couple, with a brief introduction of the bride and groom. They may also upload short clippings of their favorite movies or music albums to make these video invitations more exclusive.

Reply easily obtained after sending invitations

When the bride or groom sends printed wedding cards to their guests; they do not have any idea whether how many guests will be actually attending their wedding ceremony. Thus, they need to make arrangements for the number of guests that they have invited, among which many may not arrive at all, resulting in the wastage of food and money.

Now, the digital wedding cards can be sent via emails accompanied by RSVP mails, by which recipients can instantly reply whether they are going to attend that wedding. The digital invitations shared on social media pages can also receive replies from various friends almost instantly. Similarly, wedding invitations sent on WhatsApp also receive replies from all friends who are invited through this online platform.

How to buy digital wedding cards from wedding card makers?

1. First of all, new couples need to choose a wedding card making company that has achieved a good reputation in the market. They should check the testimonials of previous customers and ratings awarded by them, to get an idea about the quality of works done by that company so far. They should also check the photos of wedding cards designed by that company, on the photo gallery of its website.

2. Next, a new couple should browse through the templates uploaded on the catalogs of the chosen wedding card making company. When they find a template suitable as per the culture of their families and their modern tastes, they should click on it for further customization. Now, they can change the background color of the chosen template if not found appropriate for them.

3. The new couple and their families may also think of changing the wedding card design of the chosen template. They can upload their romantic photos or the group photos of both families on this template, to customize it properly. They can add different patterns to the existing design, to make it more attractive for viewers, like small paisleys or floral designs of different colors.

4. There are distinct templates for video invitations that can be customized by uploading videos of the new couple and their families. Many new couples prefer to upload clippings from their favorite romantic films or modern music albums on the chosen templates, to create the most amazing digital wedding cards for impressing their guests. These videos should be very crisp and should not last longer than 2 minutes so that new couples can upload video invitations on WhatsApp without any hindrance.

5. They also need to customize the wedding invitation letters as per their traditions. They should mention the language in which they want their wedding invitation letters to be written, as they choose the templates. Normally, a reputed wedding card maker keeps the provision of writing in many vernacular languages, to cater to the needs of all their customers. So it should not be difficult for anyone to get the wedding invitation letter written in their mother tongue.

6. The wordings of the wedding invitation letter should be penned by the customer, along with all the vital wedding details. The scheduled wedding date and time, wedding venue with proper directions, and the brief introduction of the bride and groom should be mentioned in each wedding invitation letter. In the case of vernacular letters, English translation of these details should be provided for the convenience of guests from other linguistic backgrounds.

Thus, all new couples, mainly from urban areas, prefer the trend of sending digital wedding cards to their wedding guests. They do much good to the environment as well as to themselves and their families, by adopting this new beneficial style. It expresses the impact of digitalization on the modern generation, which is also acceptable to their parents and other elders. Compared to the tradition of sending printed cards, digital invitations have reportedly no disadvantage.

Thus, wedding card makers are putting more stress on creating beautiful digital invitations for weddings of people belonging to all cultures and religions. They offer these invitations at quite affordable prices, which are mostly lower than that of printed wedding cards. Thus, this trend is gaining popularity among all classes of people if they are accustomed to online activities regularly.