Indian Wedding Invitations

Indian Wedding Invitations

Wedding is a lifetime event for any man or woman, which they want to spend in the company of their near ones. They need to invite all their well-wishers by sending them formal invitation cards. Professional wedding card makers have gained expertise in creating wonderful invitations that can be sent online to anyone across the world. They are credited with the creations of the most remarkable Indian wedding invitations for their customers.

Here are 10 examples of the best wedding cards that Indian new couples can buy for inviting their guests in style. They can further customize the designs and wordings of these wedding invitations as per their traditions and personal choices.

1. Print of Love – It is a unique idea to imprint the thumb impressions of the bride and groom over the cover page of a wedding card. These thumb impressions are made with golden ink over the background of a contrasting dark shade. These two thumb impressions cross each other to form a heart shape, denoting the romantic relationship between the new couple.

The card holds a multicolored border of a pretty, modern design, which renders a cheerful look. Thus, this wedding invitation exhibits a great kaleidoscope effect, with a combination of both traditional and modern aspects. This colorful wedding card of square shape is digitally printed on the card paper having shimmer finish, which is the same material used for its envelope.

2. Floral Impressions – Different English colors are combined to create amazing floral designs on the cover page of this wedding card. 11 colors are basically defined as English colors and they are white, black, red, blue, pink, yellow, green, orange, purple, brown, and gray. These colors are artistically combined with floral designs that resemble peony flowers.

Since there are up to 40 species of peony available in Asian countries, wedding card designers have plenty of options for portraying this flower. These designs are watermarked in monochromatic shades which are highlighted with golden floral patterns. The orientation of these Indian wedding invitations resembles a portrait, as designed with multiple colors on a card paper with a shimmer finish.

3. Tropical Paradise – This wedding card is beautifully designed to portrait the romance existing between a new couple. The cover page of this card is painted with watercolor, using the softer shades of all hues. Different elements of nature are used as designs all over the wedding invitation, which include colorful flowers, animals, and birds. The foremost intention of designers is to brighten up these wedding cards according to the wedding themes of their customers.

This wedding card contains golden stickers containing the names of the bride and groom, highlighting them for viewers. These painted designs show the love of a new couple for natural elements in a unique style. The digital printing of these multicolored designs on shimmer finished paper of square shape creates wonderful wedding invitations adored by many Indian couples.

4. Wishing Tree – There is a legend in ancient Indian scriptures about a tree that fulfilled all wishes of anyone asking before it. Wedding card designers have picked up this idea for drawing a simple yet elegant tree on the cover page of wedding cards. It is a theme-based wedding invitation that is created on the card paper board having a pearl finish.

The front part of this card is designed to open just like a door, revealing the wedding invitation letter inside with all the important wedding details. Moreover, there is a heart-shaped die cut at the trunk of the design of this wishing tree, to render a more enchanting look to this wedding card. Different colors are used for digital printing of this tree on the wedding card of portrait orientation.

5. Indian Royal – This type of wedding card is so named due to the uses of some royal elements as designs of its cover page. Well-decked elephant, horse, and peacock are depicted in rich colors and unusual styles on these Indian wedding invitations. Vibrant shades of red, green, blue, and yellow are used for drawing these elegant motifs. These designs show a new couple’s love for Indian art and culture.

The orientation of this wedding card is a landscape and the use of many colors increases the beauty of this creation. These royal designs are imprinted on the best-textured paper with a shimmer finish, for delivering excellent wedding invitations to customers.

6. Spanish Indian – This wedding card is printed on pearl finished card paper. The design of its cover page displays two dancing peacocks facing each other. Several flowers of different colors and sizes are artistically scattered around the pair of peacocks. Since the peacock is the national bird of India, this design finely articulates to Indian tradition.

Its orientation is landscape while the designs are digitally printed with the use of many colors. The names of the bride and groom are written in bold letters across the pair of peacocks’ motifs as if these peacocks represent the new couple.

7. Floral Laser Wonder – This grand wedding card is made of gold shimmery paper board, which is enclosed in a box-type matt Cream envelope made of similar material. This card has three different types of inserts of distinct colors, namely cream, hot pink, and green. All these inserts are put inside a pre-printed gold foil design, which makes the card more gorgeous.

The front part of this card has a splendid floral laser cut design with a golden band at the center. The gold plated initials of the name of the bride and groom are pasted over this band, which adds to the grandeur of this wedding card. Thus, this part is customized according to the names of the new couple.

8. Rose of Life – This wedding card is made of matt finish card paper, which is placed inside a matching envelope that resembles a box. The design of this wedding invitation is made on a floral theme, which means it exhibits beautiful floral designs of several colors. However, the base color is always light cream for these Indian wedding invitations, as all colors look best on this background. Even the inserts have remarkable floral prints matching the cover page.

The front part of this wedding card has a large floral design, encircled by several smaller floral imprints embossed all around the card. Moreover, the centre of this card contains the names of the bride and groom in gold plated form, which is customized for each customer.

9. Pearly Floral Band – Light pink is the main color of this wedding invitation, which is prepared with shimmer finish card paper. It is adorned with laser-cut designs and the wedding card is enclosed in a box-type envelope of matching color. The specialty of this wedding invitation is the sweet fragrance associated with the floral design.

A semi-transparent floral band decorates the front part of this wedding card, which is pasted on the wooden laser cut design. The initials of the bride and groom are pasted in gold letters at the center, to render an amazing look to the wedding card. Four different kinds of inserts adorned with different floral designs are available with this card, which can be chosen as per the taste of a new couple.

10. Magical Lotus – It is a simple wedding invitation yet with an elegant look. It is made of matt finish card paper and its envelope is also made of a similar paper of the matching shade. The front side of this card contains the design of a beautiful lotus, which is surrounded by a circular white pattern.

The cream-colored card is outlined with gold foil printing, matching the gold-plated names of the bride and groom on the bottom right side of the card. Silkscreen printing is preferred for this card and only magenta or brown ink looks best here, as per the theme of this wedding invitation. It is a perfect choice for those couples who do not like too gorgeous looking wedding cards.

There are many more varieties of Indian wedding invitations, designed by accomplished wedding card makers. As Indian weddings constitute many rituals, new couples need to mention the date and time of all functions in their wedding cards. Eminent wedding card makers have separate catalogs for each religious or regional division. Thus, it becomes easier for people to search out the best cards, as per their cultural demands.

However, the digital wedding invitations are available in a different section on the website of these card makers. Buyers only need to specify their needs online and find a long list of suitable wedding card templates. The chosen wedding cards are delivered within a few days, without causing any headache for new couples. Digital wedding cards are delivered with RSVP cards, to receive replies from their guests much before the wedding date.

Hence, the selection of wedding invitations has become an easy and hassle-free job for new couples of the present generation. They can expect to find the best wedding invitations that their guests will remember for lifelong.