"Pronouncing" them Man and Wife gets them married! Though it's done differently in each culture or religion and sometimes even with chanting known to none but the one who chants them! Words seal the wedding. The end result is the Mr. and Mrs. starting on their remarkable journey called life. While this is an auspicious occasion some comedy is allowed and to have it otherwise is not always healthy. The humor sometimes starts in the invitations itself. Couples who get along well with each other and those who happen to be cheerful people do it well and humorously when it comes to their invitations as well.

Funny Wedding Invites Funny Wedding Invites

Official invites are usually distributed among family and revered acquaintances and Indian Wedding Card Wordings are coined mostly that way. While the funny, stupid and sometimes comically humiliating ones are reserved for loved ones, dear cousins, that "best friend for life" friend and very close colleagues. These invitations ironically are to be remembered longer than the official ones that get framed to sit on the mantle. These invites get to the givers and receivers scrap book, bedside drawer and treasured in- between the pages of a favorite book.

Here are a few samples of some really funny and amusing ones which were too good to be ignored.

  • I found these beginning lines in one of the invitations and think it really goes well with today's generation. "As long as she agrees not to cook
    He agrees to come home every night"
  • Special invitations to bridesmaid was something I read which read, "Will you be my emergency make- up kit, my punching bag if a make- up disaster is to happen and have some patience to hold my dress when I need to use the restroom?"- Now how cute is that!

  • "Jack and Lena Williams Are thrilled to announce

    that their daughter

    Cynthia is getting


    --At last --

    To Brian Stevens

    Who has no idea

    What he's in for

    Please join us for the festivities"

  • This one I saw in one of those websites and couldn't resist sharing.

    1. An RSVP card reads this:-

    "The Favor Of A Reply Is Kindly Requested

    Please mention if you would

    Enthusiastically Attend

    Regretfully Decline

    Regretfully Attend or

    Enthusiastically Decline

    Our wedding ceremony."

And there are a lot more funny ways to invite the best of guests or wait for their reply. The only excuse for being this energetic undeniably can be, "Love Is in the Air; So Should Be Laughter".