Hey there cold feet! No matter how many days or hours away the wedding is, getting cold feet comes with the package of being the most beautiful or handsome better half in a wedding. Still the radiance of promises and wedded bliss sets off the couples, to their entwined life. For that to happen without any make- up mess, "one of those days" moments, and unexpected emergency touch up scenarios, dive in for some of the grooming tips on your wedding day.

Indian Wedding Grooming Ideas Indian Wedding Grooming Ideas| Image Resource : s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

  • The beauty sleep is the foremost. As much as it did bring the Prince to The Sleeping Beauty, you need it too very much on your "I Do" day to seal your prince as yours.
  • A bountiful breakfast before starting the day which waits with many memorable moments is an important requisite.

  • The couples need gush of fresh air and an amiable surrounding without nosy bridesmaids or complaining best men.

  • The bride should have an appointed lady of her choice to keep a check on her make- up throughout the ceremony.

  • The groom really needs some bow- adjuster by his side as well.

  • An emergency kit of make- up, utilities and meds must be stacked somewhere between handbags just to satisfy those "just in case" inhibitions.

  • The ladies are never to use razors on the day of the wedding to strike out discomfort while the men seriously need some good and experienced razor work for their faces to glow with love and adoration.

  • Let there not be any waterproof eyeliners which fail to serve its purpose or cufflinks coated with something allergic to the groom. Such minor details are to be worked off even before the wedding day.

  • The couples are to remember the weather forecast and get ready with shielded sunscreens or rain- proof socks to start their "for better or worse" moments thence.

  • And most of all, let not the jittery heartbeats and the wobbling cold feet get in the way of finding the happily ever after. Hence pure bliss and composed, storm- less thinking should be the norm on the special day.

A personal note here is that the points noted above are not in the order of priority but they are from the world's greatest adviser; Experience! While each bride and groom have their own "oops stories" spilt between their wedding album, hope they are not because of not following the above recommendations but entirely new ones just like the blessing for the journey they've embarked to live.