"Planning a wedding is never easy", goes an old myth. True to that, selecting gifts for a wedding also seems to be a tough job that needs a lot of consideration and decision making. Whose wedding it is that you are planning to purchase the gift also matters. Indian Wedding Gifts are even more special because it gets mentioned or circled back to the giver in one form or another worth the sane prize. Here are ten partially picked ideas on how to master in making any couple feel special on their wedding day.

Indian Wedding Gifts Indian Wedding Gifts

  • Put them on a Flight to a well planned holiday or a honeymoon trip.
  • Never forget to consider accessories. There can't be a less beautiful and unique jewelers set or watches and the best of cologne or cufflinks which won't bring a satisfactory smile on the bride or groom's face.
  • If you know the couple well enough to have been visited their future home, try picturing some decorative things affordable while touring the new house.
  • Bed lamps, lights, table pieces, mantle decorations that glow or even glittery Christmas decorations can speak of the admiration and love towards the couple the guest wishes to express.
  • You can get choosy and raise your voice for a greener earth by going for anything recycled and expensive. Decorative show pieces, furniture, stationary and a lot more are made to look elegant and presentable.
  • If the giver and the receiving love birds are well learned and interested in literature or crawl to be book worms, works of their favorite authors they would have carelessly slipped over a piece of coffee long ago can be remembered and purchased.
  • Keeping the lady of the house happy and intending to decorate her new kitchen with dinner and party sets is a deal breaker!
  • If the couple has an interest of gardening or if they happen to have an unmanageably huge lawn or yard, then tools and flower pots with manuals and instructions can be chosen.
  • Photo frames or portraits large enough to be hung in the living room or small enough to be cuddled at the bed side table is a personal touch of the affection that goes unmissed.
  • Wine with your name on it and a tag mentioning when to open it after some good old years can also be presented to the couple as a token of your love.