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How Much Does A Wedding Photographer Cost?

How Much Does A Wedding Photographer Cost? by parekhcards 13/10/2017 at 2:30

Wedding event is one of the greatest moments in life, and people go leaps and bounds to make the occasion memorable for one and all. There are many ways to turn the wedding event unforgettable not just for the couple or families but also for the guests. Among all ways, wedding photography proves to be the best. Pictures say more than words, hence one should hire the best wedding photographer to cover the beautiful moments of the celebration.

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The questions that commonly come to the mind of many people is how to choose a right wedding photographer and what will be the average cost of the photography. Well, there are certain factors that decide the total cost of a wedding photography. Some of them are mentioned below.

    1. Experience of the photographer

    2. Hours of shoot coverage

    3. Photography style for wedding event

    4. Number of people in the photographer's team

    5. Venue of the wedding

    6. Quality of images and photo album

    7. Requirement of video

    8. Customer service

    9. Demand of wedding photographer

    10. Theme of wedding

    Let us go through in detail of the above mentioned points to understand the wedding photography cost in a better way.

    1. Experience of wedding photographer: It is natural that the more experience the photographer has, the more he can charge you. However, you need not have to stress when you hire an experienced photographer as every penny spent will be worth the quality expected.

    2. Hours of wedding shoot: Many wedding photographers charge the wedding cost based on the hours. It is better to choose them for entire day than for just few hours, as they have wedding packages which seem expensive when hired at hour basis.

    3. Photography style: The style of wedding photography you choose also determines the total cost. If you choose basic styles such as classic, traditional or contemporary then a normal price can be expected. However, if you want advanced styles such as candid then you need to pay more.

    4. Photographer's team" As photography is a team effort especially on weddings, some of them charge the cost based on number of team members. As every special moment of the wedding has to be covered, the photographers need to be almost everywhere at the venue.

    5. Venue: If you are planning for a destination wedding then of course the wedding cost would be higher than usual.

    6. Quality of images and photo album: If you wish to have an exclusive photo album with supreme quality images then you have to pay additional.

    7. Wedding video: There will be extra charge if you want the photographers to shoot the wedding video or if you want them to make a collage video with the wedding pictures.

    8. Customer services: Although this factor is not counted in the cost, still the couple needs to focus on the communication skills of the photographer and his team before hiring them. They need to be friendly enough to make the couple and other people around comfortable.

    9. High demand: If the photographer is popular in the industry then the charge will be high.

    10. Wedding theme: The wedding theme determines the equipment and effort, and so the charge may be high or low.

    On an average, the cost of wedding photography starts from 2500 dollars and can go up to 10,000 dollars based on the above factors.


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