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Exclusive Wedding Jewelry For The Indian Brides

Exclusive Wedding Jewelry For The Indian Brides by parekhcards 16/10/2017 at 1:00

Jewelry has a vital role to play for every Indian bride. Irrespective of the expensive wedding outfit and exclusive makeup, a bride is complete only when she wears proper jewelry. In India, as soon as a girl is born, her parents and grandparents start collecting jewelries for her marriage. It is a touching concept for Indian families which is cherished from one generation to another. Nowadays, the trends in wedding jewelry keep changing; a new bride needs to follow them to buy something extraordinary for herself for her special day.

Wedding Jewelry For The Indian Brides Wedding Jewelry For The Indian Brides | Image Resource :

Top wedding jewelry trends to know

Some of the stylish wedding jewelry perfect for the Indian brides are mentioned below.

  • Meenakari
  • Pachchikam
  • Kundan
  • Temple jewelry
  • Kaasu Maalai
  • Thewa
  • Mango mala
  • Navratna
  • Gold
  • Filigree

Let us check them out in brief:

  • Meenakari jewelry: This style is popular since the time of Shah Jahan era, and if you are from Rajasthan then you can get a variety of beautiful meenakari jewelry. You can find it usually in red and green color, and sometimes in green which matches every bridal outfit.
  • Pachchikam: If you wish to have a rustic touch for your wedding look, then Pachchikam from Kutch will be a perfect option. It is made of precious metal which looks similar to platinum.
  • Kundan: Most popular among Indian brides, these are usually made from uncut diamonds. They look natural and enhance the look of the bride immediately. It is commonly opted by north Indian brides.
  • Temple jewelry: It is antique style of wedding jewelry which is popular in Southern part of India. There are figures of lords such as Lakshmi and Ganesha which makes the jewelry pure.
  • Kaasu Maalai: It is a traditional form of jewelry made of small mangas and precious stones. For brides wearing silk sarees, Kaasu Maalai will be a complimenting option.
  • Thewa: This jewelry is known for attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. It is famous since the Mughal era and is still chosen for the Indian brides. It is commonly found in gold and green and gold and red combinations which match every outfit of Indian bride.
  • Mango Mala: It is a reflection of pure Indian tradition. It is common in southern states of the nation. Basically, it is known that this jewelry offers prosperity and fertility to the bride, hence it holds immense popularity.
  • Navratna: It is made of nine different kinds of precious stones and is known to offer good luck; therefore a lot of Indian brides prefer wearing navratna jewelry on the wedding day. It adds additional amount of glam factor to the entire look of Indian bride.
  • Gold: Since decades, Indian brides love to wear gold jewelry and the trend is still active. Nothing can match gold jewelry for a traditional Indian bride.
  • Filigree: It offers royal look to every bride, it is basically huge and looks exotic in every way. It usually matches the saree worn by south Indian brides.

Pick up any style and enjoy the day!


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