The wedding is a vital occasion in the life of every young woman, who may have nurtured a lot of dreams about this special day. Hence, all the brides want to look best and be the center of attraction, among the several well decked women present in the wedding ceremony. The most important part of their wedding preparation is the selection of the most gorgeous bridal dress for the new bride.

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Indian brides mostly wear sarees or lehengas, as per the traditional customs of this country, irrespective of the religions. But the color of the bridal dress depends on the traditions of the specific regions of India; like the South Indian brides wear golden bordered white sarees, while the North Indian brides mostly like to wear crimson red silk sarees or lehengas for their weddings. But it is important to know about the facts that should be or shouldn’t be followed while buying the bridal dress for the Indian bride.

Notable Do's for choosing the bridal wear for the brides

  • The fabric of the bridal dress should be shiny and gorgeous; for which silk or satin are most widely used for creating these dresses.
  • The bridal sarees or lehengas should be adorned with sparkling gems or sequins, pearls and other embellishments; all stitched into the lavishly done embroideries, of bright golden or silver zaris. The designs of these embroideries may be chosen by the bride and special designs can also be done by ordering for it.

  • The silhouettes of the matching blouses or the lehenga cholis should be decided according to the figures of the new brides, so that they look beautiful in their weddings.

  • Though deep wine red color is mostly used in making the Indian bridal wears nowadays; it can be combined with rich golden or silver colors, for adding more grandeur to the dresses. Some modern brides also prefer to have their bridal dresses in hot pink, turquoise, bright yellow or sea green colors; instead of the traditional red dress.

Few vital don'ts about choosing the bridal wears

  • It is better not to blindly follow the current fashion about the bridal dress, without judging whether it will suit the bride or not. Moreover, it should also match the spirit of the wedding; as much as the figure or the skin color complexion of the bride.
  • Though the wedding look of a bride should be gorgeous and stunning; it is better not to overdo with the use of embellishments or the combinations of too rich colors, which may not go well with the personality of the bride.

  • It is better not to wear the blouse and the accessories, all matching the main color of the bridal saree or lehenga. Rather, the bride may look more attractive by wearing contrast colored accessories and other pieces of bridal outfit.