Indian Wedding Invitations Message for Friends on WhatsAppIndian Wedding Invitations Message for Friends on WhatsApp

Marriage is a joyful occasion for every man and woman when they need the company of their friends. The couples want to invite their close friends by sending wedding invitations, which should express their earnest desires of inviting all friends to their wedding. Previously, people had to spend hours choosing wedding cards in the local card shops. Now, they can do this job online, just by entering the websites of popular wedding invitation makers. They only need to choose suitable wedding card matter and gorgeous designs from the templates are displayed on these websites. They find the option of sending digital invitations more cost-effective and time-saving, compared to the traditional way of sending printed wedding cards.

Indian Wedding Invitation Message for Friends on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular digital platform, which is visited daily by millions of users worldwide. Thus, it is chosen as an easy medium for sending wedding invitations to friends of new couples. Reputed wedding card makers follow a definite marriage invitation format that is applicable for inviting friends via WhatsApp.

    • The wordings of the wedding invitation for friends should be written in an informal and warm tone. Some fun-filled words may be incorporated to make the wedding invitation letter more interesting and exclusive. The new couple may directly address their friends or adopt a personalized style to pen this invitation letter.
    • Some couples prefer to relate their love story briefly in their wedding invitation letters, to increase the interest of their guests in joining their wedding ceremony. They may describe how they professed love for each other or what points they liked in each other, in the middle of the wedding invitation letter.
    • The wedding invitation to be sent via WhatsApp should be short enough for uploading on this platform easily. So it has to be written clearly and crisply so that invited friends can feel the love and warmth of the new couple for them.
    • When a new couple personalizes the wording of their wedding invitation, it is likely to have some grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. So everyone should check their personalized wedding invitation letter to spot such problems and rectify those errors before sharing on WhatsApp to invite their friends.
    • Like all digital communications, new couples need to follow up after sending their wedding invitations via WhatsApp. Though it may not be essential to be so formal with friends, many people love to receive reminder messages for joining wedding functions. They consider such reminders as a special treatment for close friends from new couples and may feel more inclined to join those weddings.
    • All the vital information regarding a wedding should be included without fail in the digital wedding card matter. The names of the bride and groom, as well as their parents or guardians, should be mentioned while writing Indian wedding invitation letters. The wedding details including the scheduled wedding date and time, the wedding venue with directions, and times of other wedding-related functions should be mentioned in the wedding invitation.
    • If any new couple does not want gifts from their guests, they should mention it in their wedding invitation letter. If they wish their guests to donate to a charitable cause instead, they can provide that specific website link or details of that charitable organization for their knowledge.
    • Though an informal style is adopted for writing the wedding invitation letter for friends, no one should use any abusive language that can offend any invitee and spoil the relationship with them.
    • The length of the wedding invitation created for WhatsApp should be limited, as it is not possible to upload a long video on this platform. So, new couples should be careful not to include unnecessary words in their wedding invitation letters, for which they may have to miss important wedding information.

Now, the reputed wedding card makers provide ideal templates for wedding invitation letters, which clients can use for sending to their friends via WhatsApp. They only need to personalize these templates by putting in their names and other wedding information, to create the best wedding invitations for their friends. These wedding invitations are available at affordable prices for all, relieving them the tension of penning the perfect wedding invitation matter.

Wedding Invitation Text

Every new couple and their family members want to have perfect wedding invitations for inviting their guests to the wedding ceremony. So they need to be careful about choosing the wordings of this wedding invitation letter, which should be expressed in the right tone.

    • An invitation letter should start with the names of the hosts of the function. In the case of an Indian wedding invitation, the parents or grandparents or guardians of the bride and groom are the hosts of these wedding ceremonies and reception parties. Generally, the eldest member of a family is named as the host for many Indian marriages, as per the local tradition. Though it is a formal trend, no wedding invitation for Indian marriages can be found without the names of the elders. The names of parents are mentioned as hosts even if a modern new couple is hosting the entire wedding function.
    • The names of the bride and groom should be mentioned in bold fonts, using bright colors on a wedding invitation letter. As they are the main characters of the wedding ceremony, receivers of the wedding invitation should have a clear view of their names as soon as they open the digital or printed copy of this invitation card. The names of deceased parents of the bride or groom can be mentioned here, as “the son of Late…” or “the daughter of Late…” as the brief introduction of their parentage. If any of their parents have divorced and remarried, the names of stepparents may also be included at this phase, before the names of bride and groom.
    • The wedding invitation letter should end with an earnest request for attending the wedding ceremony and bless the new couple with best wishes for their new life. The words at this point should express the warmth of love and respect for invitees, to whom the wedding invitation is sent. There are some traditional phrases for this part of the wedding invitation letter, which can be used directly or with a bit twist in the words, as per the choice of the new couple.
    • The wedding date, time, and location of the wedding venue should be mentioned separately on the wedding invitation letter. All this vital information needs to be clearly visible to the viewers of the wedding invitation so that they do not face any problem while arriving for attending the function. Some people also provide a short route map for providing direction to the wedding venue, mainly in the cases of destination weddings organized at faraway places. The time of the wedding ceremony and other wedding functions should be mentioned according to the local time, mentioning AM or PM for making the time slots clearer for guests.
    • In Indian weddings, the wedding ceremony and reception are generally not held on the same day. Thus, both dates and locations should be mentioned on the wedding invitation letter if guests are invited to both functions. If the reception date is not yet decided, it should be mentioned on the wedding invitation as well. It can be written that the reception date and venue will be informed later with another invitation card.
    • Generally, Indian wedding invitation letters are written in local vernacular languages. All new couples prefer their mother tongue for writing their wedding invitations, to show their bonding to their cultural roots. However, English translation of the basic wedding information is also provided for the convenience of guests from other linguistic backgrounds.
    • If any dress code is to be maintained in the wedding ceremony or reception party, it should be mentioned in the wedding invitation letter as well. Generally, Indian weddings are marked with the preference for typical Indian attires for both men and women. Though dress codes are not mentioned on most Indian wedding invitations, guests are expected to wear decent and gorgeous Indian apparel in honor of the elderly people present in the function.
    • The present trend of digital wedding invitation has the facility of sending RSVP cards with the wedding invitation card. Receivers need to reply on these RSVP cards whether they will be attending the wedding or not. Thus, it becomes easier for new couples and their families to get an estimate of the number of guests who will be attending the wedding functions.

Reputed wedding card makers are dependable for finding the best wedding invitations, according to the local customs of Indian couples. The client can easily find a perfect marriage invitation format from the photo gallery of a wedding card maker’s website, which will fulfill all the requirements of the new couple. So it has become very easy to send wedding invitations now, with the help of expert wedding card designers associated with these renowned companies.