The selection of a nice wedding invitation is a vital part of every wedding planning, as the number of guests needs to be ascertained for making further arrangements of foods and accommodation for the guests. Earlier, the families of the would-be couples had to rush to any invitation card shop and choose the design of the card, before ordering the required number of cards to be printed. But now, with the invention of online technology, many modern couples prefer to send digital weeding cards to their friends and relatives, without facing so much hassle.

Wedding Evites For Inviting Guests Wedding Evites For Inviting Guests :

Facilities obtained from the use of digital invitations

Send in hassle free way - Now it is much easier to inform and invite the friends for one's wedding, as the bride and the groom only need to send their wedding evites via emails or take up a simpler way, just by sharing the designed wedding e-card on the walls of their social networking sites, where all their friends can see and be invited together.

Very cheap cost - In case of sending these digital invitations, no money need to be spent, as the emails or the social networking sites can be used anytime for free. Only the design of the digital card should be chosen from the store of any reliable online card designer and may be ordered for some customization of these cards, in return of very moderate prices. Moreover, this process saves a lot of money that would have been spent for printing the wedding cards and sending by posts or courier.

Can be personalized - These online wedding invitation cards can be customized with the addition of any photo of the new bride or groom. Their personalized messages may also be included in the invitation letter that is digitally typed in the invitation card. All these personal touches make the cards more warm and loving to the receivers or the invited viewers. Many online card designers offer the privilege of creating own wedding cards, just by choosing a suitable template of the card and then adding any photo or design freely over it; before posting it online.

Eco friendly - Since the usage of paper is saved by sending digital wedding invitation cards, the necessity of cutting more trees can be averted; thus saving the nature and making the environment greener.

Get fast replies - Now the digital invitation cards are accompanied by acknowledgement cards, where the receiver will be asked to reply immediately whether they are attending the wedding or not, with the click of a button. Thus, the new couple can get an approximate of the number of guests attending their wedding, which will help them to make necessary arrangements for them. Moreover, the emails are received instantly, which save the much longer time taken by even the speed posts, in delivering the printed wedding invitations.