In India, weddings are very important ceremonies, not only for the new couple, but also for their families and friends. Hence, everyone wants to be present in the wedding ceremony and participate in all celebrations and religious rituals that are connected to the wedding. But the relatives and friends should be informed and duly invited to join the wedding, by sending them formal wedding invitation cards. These cards show the invitees how important they are for the wedding couple and their families.

Indian Wedding Invitations Online Indian Wedding Invitations Online

Nowadays, many modern families prefer to send digital wedding invitations via online procedures; like sending emails or sharing on social networking sites, which are much faster processes than the traditional way of sending via post or courier. Moreover, the cost of the digital wedding invitations are far less than the printed ones. But there are several characteristics that are distinct for the Indian wedding invitations online, which are available in the online stores, provided by the digital card designers.

Unique characteristics of digital Indian wedding invitations

  • Usually, every Indian wedding card bears some religious symbols or wordings, which are meant to seek the divine blessings for the new couple, due to the religious faithfulness of the Indians. The Hindus like to put the image of Lord Ganesha or Sri Krishna above the cover page of the wedding card; while the Muslims want to put the picture of the mosque of Mecca or any other holy picture of their religion; and the Sikhs prefer a small picture of Golden Temple over their wedding card.

  • The wordings of the invitation letter of the digital Indian wedding cards are very polite and filled with heartfelt warmth and love. Moreover, the invitation letter is always preceded with any religious symbol or the name of the God. The wordings of the Muslim wedding cards are usually written in Urdu script, along with English translations.

  • The use of red color is widely used in all the Indian wedding cards, as red is considered to be highly auspicious in this country. But black is totally shunned from the wedding cards, as it is known to be an unlucky color. The Muslims prefer the use of dark shade of green color, as it is a holy color, as per their religious beliefs. The colors of the wordings are preferably written in a contrast color, comparing to the background color of the digital wedding invitation.

  • The designs chosen for these Indian wedding cards are usually the motifs or the pictures of sacred objects; like conch, butterfly, lotus flower, star, half moon or some artistic designs, like paisley or geometric shapes. Every Indian likes to prove his/her ethnicity while choosing the designs of the digital wedding invitation.