Nikha is an auspicious event that not only signifies the eternal bond of the bride and the groom but at the same time it acts to be a medium for expanding and strengthening family relationships. However, this cannot be possible without the use of exceptional Muslim or Islamic wedding cards. Though it you can spread the news about the upcoming grand event and request them to grace the occasion with their presence, because without friends, family members and relatives by your side, the celebrations of the wedding will always remain incomplete.

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Islamic Wedding Card Wordings- What Are They?

People spend quite a lot of time, exploring the perfect design, patterns, colors and style for their wedding invitations. In this hustle, the one aspect that is often overlooked is the wordings. Wordings tend to be a form of expression that reaches your guest enwrapped in the beauty of cards. It is something that ignites a spark of life into them, as before the design or the pattern; the first thing that would connect with the heart of your guest is what you have expressed.

This is the reason why it is vital to choose the best Muslim Wedding Card Wordings that would enrich the essence of your cards. For doing so, there are three elements on which you need to work and they are

  • Quotes: Islamic wedding invitations begin with quotes dedicated to Allah, such as "In the name of Allah, the most merciful and the most gracious" or "Assalamu Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa Barakhatuhu". This is often mentioned at the top of the invitation and later is followed by the second element.
  • Request: The next wording element of the card is where you request the guest to attend the wedding ceremony and bless the newlyweds.

  • Venue Details: The venue details are mentioned at the bottom of the card, and this is the final element. Make sure that you prepare different cards for Nikha, Walima and other functions and mention the venue details according to that.

Can You Customize the Wordings of Muslim Wedding Invitations?

Absolutely, right from the beginning i.e. the quotes till the venue details, each and every component can be customized as per your requirements. The best way to do this is: realize what you want to be printed on the cards, prepare a sample text for the same (you can even take help from pre-designed templates that will provide a brief idea about how the wordings should be represented) and then work on the same.

When not sure then you can even go for professionals who will understand what are the aspects that you are looking for and will help you in unleashing it. So that at the end of the day, you can have complete wedding invitations with perfect design, symbols, patterns colors and wordings.