In ancient times, people used to invite their relatives and neighbors on the occasions of any wedding taking place in their families, by visiting the houses of their guests and verbally requesting them to join the celebrations. But it was very tough job to invite those people, who lived far apart. Then, people learned to read and write, which helped them to write letters in hand and sent those invitation letters through any personal messenger, even through the pet pigeons.

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Evolution in the form of Hindu wedding cards

With the introduction of postal system in India, common people started sending hand written letters by post, for inviting their wedding guests, living far away. At that time, those letters were adorned with simply spots of turmeric and vermillion, as these things were considered as sacred regarding the marriage ceremony and were widely used in many wedding rituals.

Later, with the onset of printing process in India, people found it relatively easier to print these invitation letters in the press, for sending to their guests. At first, there was an only black and white printing procedure, so the Hindu wedding cards were marked with simple religious symbols; like 'Om' or 'Swastika'. But till the beginning of 20th century, very few people sent printed wedding cards in India, due to the non-availability of enough number of printing presses.

With the introduction of colored printing in India and the establishment of many modern printing presses in all the major cities, people started sending nicely designed Hindu wedding cards to their guests. At first, the printing cost was much more, as the printers needed to make blocks for printing the words and pictures. But with the introduction of computer printing, the printing cost became comparatively lower and thus more popular among the common people.

Initially, the designs and the wordings of the exclusive Hindu wedding invitations were suggested by the clients, to the printers. But later many printers got the idea of the tastes of their Hindu clients and started designing the wedding cards for their clients and just got those designs approved, before printing. Now, the practice of digital wedding cards have made the process of sending wedding invitations much easier, as these cards can be sent via emails, that reach the receivers instantly.

The families of the marrying couples can now buy beautiful digital Hindu wedding cards, from the online card manufactures, by entering their websites, where there are separate sections for the Hindu wedding invitations. The clients are sure to find there plenty of designs for this type of digital wedding cards, from where they can choose according to their requirements and choices. Each of these designs bears all the desired symbols or pictures related to the Hindu religion.