The tradition of wedding favors has been continuing since ages. However, the custom has now undergone a complete transition, as people try to gift something unique and out-of-the-box. Let us have a look at some of the ideas for wedding favors.

Top Ideas for Wedding Favors

Here are the top ideas for wedding favors:

1. Liquor Bottles: Liquor bottles are probably the most popular wedding favors. You can add a personalized label to the bottle. A thank you note saying “Your presence was truly appreciated” or “Thank you for your presence” would add a personal touch to the wedding favor. Wrapping the liquor bottle in tulle will enrich its appearance. You can even adorn the bottle with ribbons and other decorative materials. To make it more extravagant, add a box of liquor chocolate with the liquor bottle. If you have budget constraints, then miniature liquor bottle will make an ideal gift.

2. Candles: Another popular wedding favor, candles stand out as a unique and affordable wedding favor. There are various types of candles, which include wax candles, scented candles, designer candles, customized candles and wedding theme-based candles. You can place these candles in glass candle holders, frosted candle holders, metal candle holders, mini lanterns or tea light holders. Wrap these candles in beautifully adorned boxes and add a personalized label on the box.

3. Chocolates: The most popular wedding favor, chocolates are available in a huge variety, from dark chocolates to mint chocolates, customized chocolates, plain milk chocolates, Swiss chocolates and nut chocolates. You can enclose these chocolates in a customized box with a personalized message. All chocolates in the box could be of the same flavor or an assortment of different flavors. You can keep the chocolates naked, wrap them in a colored foil or in designer coverings.

4. Place Holder: If you have a shoe-string budget, place holders will make an affordable choice as a wedding favor. They are perfect for tying into the wedding theme, to add a personal touch to the reception tables and to put a smile on the guests face. You can use these favors to hold wedding photos, seating arrangements, a fun poem or engagement photos. They are available in an array of colors and. Guests can take these adorable favors after the event and use them to hold phone numbers, fun photos, notes and other such things.
Such wedding favors will definitely be cherished by your guests for their unique value.