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Hairstyles For Indian Wedding Reception: Look Like A Princess On Your Dream Day

Hairstyles For Indian Wedding Reception: Look Like A Princess On Your Dream Day by parekhcards 28/03/2018 at 12:00

Wedding is the ultimate fairytale moment in the life of a woman. A lot of thought, browsing through a lot of pictures of the popular ramp walks and celebrity weddings, happen months before the wedding. The brides sit together with their friends, colleagues and sisters to zero in on makeup artist for their wedding.

Each wedding custom calls for different look and hair style. Wedding reception is usually the last function of a wedding. It is the time when the bride has already come to her new home. All the other customs and rituals are over. Both the families are in a much more relaxed mood and are looking forward to a beautiful new beginning. Hence the makeup and the hairstyle bear the same essence. It is more stylish and sophisticated than the traditional hairstyle of the wedding function.

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Traditional Hairstyle For Wedding Reception Gets A Leg Up

India has diverse communities that are distinguished as per their wedding customs as well as bridal makeup and attire. However, with more and more people getting exposed to each other's cultures, the distinguishing lines are getting increasingly blurred. More so with celebrity weddings and bridal shows leading the way, the starry eyed would-be brides mostly prefer to select hairstyles from them. After all it is once in a lifestyle event in their life.

Earlier, brides would don traditional hairdo complete with veil, hair accessories and flowers. However, nowadays, brides prefer to go for minimalist yet elegant styling for their wedding reception. Let us see some of the latest hairstyles for wedding reception.

  • Leave it open - As opposed to the elaborate and structured up-do of the brides in earlier times, a lot of brides prefer to keep their hair open on their wedding receptions. For instance, the hairstyle of Kate Middleton on her wedding where she carried her hair open with soft curls flowing half way through her back, tucked under her veil and the tiara. A royal and exquisite look does not essentially need to be complicated.

  • Simple and Chic - Sometimes simplicity exudes sophistication in the most unique manner. A simple low bun laced with flowers makes the prettiest hairdos for a wedding reception. Right after the wedding when the reception takes place, the bride is already beaming with joy. She does not need to make an effort to look radiant. Just take a look at the pictures of Anushka Sharma at her wedding reception. Doesn't she look just stunning in a neat and sleek bun strewn with beautiful jasmine flowers and sindoor on her hair partition to complete the look! Or for that matter, Kareena Kapoor - as even she carried a simple updo without much hair accessories or veil that might have given a cluttered look. Looks like - simplicity rules the roost when it comes to hairstyles for the present day brides.

  • Say it with Flowers: Traditional hairstyles for Indian weddings have heavy use of flowers. Though minimalism is an in thing in contemporary wedding receptions, a hairdo with beautiful fragrant flower take the look of the bride to an altogether different level. Aishwarya Rai's hair was the first thing anybody noticed while going through her wedding pictures. An elaborate up do followed by plaits and generously adorned with flowers and other golden hair accessories happened get a lot of eye balls.

  • Head Gear - Traditionally a number of Indian communities has head gears that are mandatory for brides to carry. For example, in Bengali and Marathi weddings, head gear is compulsory for the wedding day. Earlier, these happened to be a part of the hairdo for the reception as well. However, brides of both the communities have done away with these head gears. Bong bride Bipasha Basu carried the white Topor on her wedding, but styles her hair to flow freely on her back with nothing other than sindoor on her middle parted hair on the day of the reception. Even Marathi bride Genelia sported a pearl string mundavalya on her wedding day but carried the open hair look on her wedding reception.

Needless to say, the present day brides are sporting a better and improved take for her hairstyle on her wedding reception. The hairstylists are also putting a lot of thought to make each bridal hair style just stand out.

How You Should Plan Your Hairstyle For Your Wedding Reception

As we have discussed earlier, wedding comes only once in a lifetime. And it brings along the ultimate desire to look like a princess. After all it is your marriage. Hence let no one else tell you how to dress up or carry your hair style. Some of the ready tips will be to:

  • Ask your hairstylist to try different hairstyles and take trials along with your attire and the other ornaments.
  • It is said that our hair is like the frame of our face. Just like a beautiful photograph or picture need a nice frame to make it stand out. Similarly, a nice and appropriate hair style will help our face to look more beautiful.
  • Most importantly, take good care of your hair so that it is ready to face harsh styling agents that would be used to get the desired look on your wedding reception.
  • Along with your pre bridal skin care packages, you should also take regular hair spa to ensure that your hair is optimally healthy to give you that radiant look on your wedding.

Last But Not the Least

Wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity for every girl to look beautiful. Select your wedding look with care. Do not compromise as this day will not come back again. Do not settle with mediocrity.. go for the best. These are the moments that will get captured in the frames to make memories for a lifetime. Live each and every moment like a princess through each wedding function. As these moments will pass away sooner than they come and all that will stay with you are the cherished memories!


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