The men's wedding attire trends are reinventing traditional style this wedding season. Though the classic range of admirable blue suits and tuxedos remain the ultimate pick, the latest fits, colors and fashionable accessories are all about adventure. But, before getting into the trends, let's know more about the all-time favorite three piece suits and how they are different from the usual attires designed for men.

Know More about Three Piece Suits for Men

A three piece suit is a combination of waistcoat, trousers and suit. Due to the three pieces these are termed as three piece suit. The golden rule while dressing up a suit is to create a matching look with waistcoat that complements rest of the outfit. These have been dominating the ramps and street styles around and the globe, making it the best thing that men can have in their wardrobe.

Three Piece Suits For Men At Wedding Repetition Three Piece Suits For Men At Wedding Repetition | Image Resource :

When you are planning to wear the suit to a wedding reception then there are five interesting trends that you need to watch out for and these are explained below.

1. Bold Statement with Bright Colors

Majority of wedding suits are either black or grey. However, several designers have managed to evolve an inspiring trend of bold and bright colors into the saga. These trends are more about the charming hues of deep purple, burgundy and ink blue. The bright shades appear fantastic and without a doubt boast an exceptional factor too.

Apart from experimenting with the color of the suit, you can even match various colors to create a personalized look for wedding reception. For example, the black suit can be paired with a bold waistcoat that would add a distinct pattern that speaks for itself. Hence, the first trend that you need to look after is: love for colors!

Some of the important takeaways of this trend are:

  • Be careful about the shades of color that you choose
  • Pair the colors wisely to create a synchronized look

2. The Print Addiction

Who said suits are meant to be simple and clean? Well, the growing trends have led to the incorporation of patterns and prints into the men's three piece suit for wedding reception. In fact, established brands have launched various collections focusing on this phenomenal trend and the impact that it can create to the overall look. The digital prints offer extra value and draw attention towards wearer in no time. From geometric patterns to floral motifs, each one of them has been an incredible success this season.

While working with the print addiction make sure that you:

  • Choose contemporary patterns and styles, making them a good match for weddings
  • For perfection, the prints should blend with the suit (each having the same color)
  • The prints should be present in the suit and the waistcoat too.

3. Suave Checked Three Piece Suits

Suave Checked Three Piece Suits Suave Checked Three Piece Suits | Image Resource :

This year becomes the official year of checks and they are here to stay for long. If you are not sure about indulging into the daring prints, opt for the subtle versions that have wide squares and fainter lines, the choice is completely yours!

Be it colorful, smart or bold, the suits help you in creating a remarkable style statement not just for weddings but other formal events too. There is an array of options to choose from and the best part is that each one of them depict the best of modern designs in classic style.

The key elements to look after when wearing checked three piece suits are:

  • Be confident about the design and style of suit that you choose
  • Never go over the board with prints, the minimal is the best.

4. The Still Reigns

Timeless, yet traditional, the reign's style will never be outdated. Excluding elegance in every way, these suits should never be frowned to be boring, rather take a chance and see how wonderful the end product would turn out. If the wedding was a regal one, then so would be its wedding cards then why not dress up in a similar way?

That's right; this trend is all about the regal vibes. You can upgrade things with elements that suit your personality, but the final result will always be worth it. For example, you can opt of a check waistcoat along with plain suit.

While styling the regal way make sure that you:

  • Pay special attention towards sophistication (style, colors and patterns)
  • Experiment with multiple options and decide which would be the best

5. Graduated Styles and Shades

If you are the groom's best man then a common trend is to dress in a similar way as him, but with slight variations in style and shades of color. Every person has different weight and height proportion, so it is ideal to go with the style and cut that would be suitable for you. The aim of this innovative trend is to let the groom shine, while you remain his important man. The reception photographs look even better when the group is dressed together in a harmonious manner.

If you plan to incorporate this men's trend for wedding reception do ensure:

  • Consult with the groom about their expectations and potential styles
  • Learn to strike a perfect balance when it comes to matching don't follow them completely

At last, no matter which trend you prefer to choose, a well-tailored three piece suit will surely be the king. Whether you are planning to break the age old norms or want to adhere to the rooted styles, carry the outfit with confidence, enlighten the look with an adorable smile and you will be the man in the spotlight.