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Trending Indian Wedding Theme Ideas

Trending Indian Wedding Theme Ideas by parekhcards 27/03/2018 at 6:00

They say it takes a village to raise a kid. It definitely takes more than a village to host a wedding! That is excluding the loads of money installed, creative ideas and an amazing wedding planner who ought to be your grandmother's favorite.

Weddings are the singsong occasions in one's life. Be it the bride, groom or anyone who's joining them in their solemn union, everyone gets to take home loads of memories and cherished moments which are worth treasuring. Nations of the world are unique in being different. Diversity is something that's spelled in bold and blue across the globe. Likewise weddings or any other festivity and the way each is celebrated ought to be different in every nation.

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Indian Weddings Display the Luxury of Heritage and Oneness

In a country like India, where culture and religion play vital role in every festive occasion, weddings take the first spot in the list. A country blessed with such diversity of origin, language, resources and wealth is bound to make any occasion as marvelous as a wedding into something that can never be forgotten or ignored.

Indian weddings are the amalgamated events where due respect is given for not only for the joyous merriment but also for the religious significance when a man and woman are made husband and wife till death sets them apart. Family, neighbors and friends play a key role in Indian weddings not because of the gifts or the extravagant endeavors they get indulged in. Also for the love and happiness they share by presenting themselves in person to bless the wedded couple.

This grand occurrence is planned and thought about in today's societies that everyone from the florist to the valet at a hotel the wedding guests are stationed collect immense profit. The luxury of accessories used in the wedding, the sheer thrill of emotions and bliss is carpeted over everyone involved.

Wedding themes have become a recent trend these days. With advancement in designing and technology, no idea seems impossible and no wish fails to be fulfilled. Young couples prefer their wedding to be based on a theme from day one. While the celebrations start a week or two before the big day, the theme is sprinkled throughout the span of the entire wedding.

Themed Weddings: Sanctity is not Forgotten but Enhanced

Though the theme adaptation is influenced by the western hemisphere, the most amazing thing about Indian marriages is that, authenticity and culture are given the first place. The internet and wedding planners never run short of wedding themes to suggest the wedding party. All they have to do is pick their favorite and garnish them with their preferred exclusivity and rareness.

Numerous themes have gained attention among the wedding planners and all of them come with the expertise beauty and awe-inspiring features. Some of them are more frequently preferred for their flexibility and likeness to perfection.

Fairytales Come True in Royally Themed Weddings

India is a land of kings and chivalrous kingdoms. It's no surprise that a royal theme wedding seems to be in every bride's wish list. No wonder the state of Rajasthan is adorned with the City of Palaces as its capital and the hotels and venues come with a regal platform to give the perfect royal attire to the wedding. The decorations, music, bride and groom's dresses and even the cutlery used in the receptions can be made noble and stately. This decorum can also be replicated anywhere in India these days not depleting in any ways.

Beauty can also be Natural and Eco- Friendly

There's no wedding that is ever hosted without a stalk of flower around. Clutched in the beautiful bride's hands or hanging as an exquisite form of decoration. Flowers and weddings are twins. This bond is glossed with magic in every garden themed wedding where it simply rains with flowers everywhere. Set in the spring outdoors, the aura and purity of mother earth can be felt indeed. The flowers may be seasonal, exported or backyard reared with love but the picturesque marriage is set to seek everyone’s attention.

Let's not Forget Backwaters and Seashores

One can never run out of exotic places to host a wedding given the natural splendor the nation is blessed with. Destination weddings seem to be everybody's favorite and go-to preference. Based on the chosen venues, wedding rituals and ideas are lit with innovation. Planning a nuptial on a houseboat waltzing itself in the backwaters in Kerala is no longer a tedious job. Watching the groom pledge his vows to the smiling and stunning bride against the backdrop of the ocean kissing the sky in Goa is not beyond being a part of.

Lights, Camera and Weddings

Weddings are indeed entertaining but the Indian crowd does love anything Bollywood. Many themes these days are also inspired from celebrity weddings. Bollywood Themed Weddings and Awards Night Themed weddings are also setting new trend in jolly ride of the nuptials.

Temple themed weddings are also introduced these days and they are made auspicious and relishing without an ounce of reverence lost in the course. Many preferred to go for the serene and tranquil setting to be wed in the before the presence of the Almighty and with the blessings of their loved ones.

Modern Matrimonies are Temptingly Marvelous

Contemporary themed weddings are those which are chic styled bathed in luxury and awesomeness. Young couples have different opinions and ideas when it comes to planning and congregating a wedding. They even opt for digital wedding invitations and live coverage of the ceremony to include those far and across the world. Various art forms like origami and paper crafts are put up to splendor. Glowing bulbs and glazy curtains with sequins applaud to the essence of these modern wedding themes in India.

Many DIY's and online assistance planning themed matrimony is no longer a distant dream. Weddings mean many things to many people but the one thing they all agree on is the oneness they create bringing together cherished family, friends, kith and kin under one roof or merriment. Themed weddings are even more special as they display the grandeur vision of how a wedding is valued.


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