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Indian Weddings: Latest Trends Creating Ripples On Your Auspicious Day

Indian Weddings: Latest Trends Creating Ripples On Your Auspicious Day by parekhcards 26/02/2018 at 3:00

Every time there is a celebrity wedding taking place, it gets the kind of adulation and publicity that was, even a few decades back reserved only for Cinderella! Even in the times of divorces and marital disputes, why do people still fantasize so much about wedding? It is because, in spite of the heart breaks and turmoil in the present day married relationships, wedding happens to be the most aspirational event or may be milestone of one's life.

With the passage of time, whether or not we have built better family ethics to make a marriage work in a beautiful way, but we have come a long way in making the wedding day the biggest and the grandest thing in our entire life. For that one day in an Indian family, it is like a very natural transcendence to the celestial world. Nevertheless, this craze for a grand wedding in Indian families also helps a lot of industries thrive. So let us see some of the latest trends that are creating ripples in the wedding industries.

'Un-Convention' Lead the Way To Be Unique In Wedding Attires

Indian Wedding Attires Indian Wedding Attires | Image Resource :

Wedding is the most auspicious day in one's life. Hence, the colors used in the attires of the bride, groom and people who will be part of the wedding rituals for example the parents or the other married ladies are chosen with a lot of care.

Traditionally every community has their set of choices regarding colors for weddings. However, with passage of time and the zest for getting something different and unique is making the present day brides and grooms to pick unconventional colors as well. This wedding season, a few colors that used to be prohibited earlier have made their grand entries in the bridal dresses. Two of my most favorite among them are ivory and blue!

Distanced from the wedding venues for some unconvincing reasons, wedding attires in ivory and blue colors come as a welcome change from the hues of red family. Apart from the regal look they impart on the bride and the groom, they compliment the diamond or stone studded contemporary designer jewelries in the best possible manner.

Getting The Rituals Right!

Indian Wedding Rituals Indian Wedding Rituals | Image Resource :

No matter how much ever new trends come in everything else, tradition still holds the mast when it comes to the wedding rituals. Starting from the jaymala or exchanging of the garland, saatphere - the wedding vows that are taken taking seven rounds around the fire, gatbandhan, kanyadaan and sindoordaan are still held with utmost respect and performed in a very sacrosanct manner.

The wedding traditions in a Hindu wedding are set on the pattern of the wedding of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Shiv-Parvati is considered to be the ideal matrimonial partnership, Shiv Parivaar being the ideal family unit in India. Hence, every family tries to maintain the sanctity of the wedding rituals as they were believed to have been performed in their wedding.

Exchange of hands with grace!

The bride, a priceless possession of her father is given as a daan to the groom. No idea why this ritual is still considered and observed as a highly respectful act on the part of the father of the bride. Regardless of the high education qualifications, social status or modern mindset, a father still performs this ritual fighting tears in their eyes and lump in their throats. And a highly educated, financially independent bride sits pretty and bejeweled to experience this exchange of hands with grace.

All in the name of tradition and the sanctity of it defying which you stand a chance of losing your chance to be equal to the eternally celebrated Shiv-Parvati or Sia-Ram weddings. Just like the kanyadaan, each and every ritual in a wedding involves a riot of emotions. They are observed in a very pious manner irrespective of their relevance to the contemporary mindset. However, these days some couple opt to walk the lesser travelled path by opting for the legal marriage and a handful of rituals that make sense to them.

Similarly, the other communities like the Islamic or Sikh community have their own wedding traditions. Islamic couples take the vow in the presence of the Holy Quran and the Sikhs take their wedding vow in front of their Guru in a Gurdwara.

Trends in Wedding Planning!

Trends in Indian Wedding Planning Trends in Indian Wedding Planning | Image Resource :

Bespoke is the buzzword when it comes to wedding planning for Indian couples. And as this word opens opportunity for the wedding planners it also poses a lot of challenges. One of the biggest challenges being this… When you say bespoke or custom made, you let the imagination of the customer to flow free. Now they would expect the wedding planners to replicate a celebrity wedding on a tight budget.

Earlier, families had the responsibility to arrange everything from the start to the finish. However, nowadays, everything is taken care of by wedding planners. True, it is the best yet the most challenging time for being a wedding planner.

The era of customization is blessed with unending opportunities. However, it even leaves you at your wit's end trying to make everything exclusive and unique. After exploring newer and offbeat wedding destinations every wedding season, now the wedding planners are focusing is on wedding decor, food presentation and more.

Food Trend

The latest disruption in wedding planning is to present food in the most innovative manner. Indian hospitality can be experienced at the best at Indian weddings. These days, food serving at Indian weddings has reached to the next level that aims at providing fine dining experience to the guests. Waiters and waitresses are up and about serving hot and freshly cooked snacks and food to the guests.

Live tandoor counters, elaborate dessert tables, food trucks and a la carte food servings are some of the latest trends in Indian weddings. The cutleries used to serve the food are exquisite and mindfully selected. Food presentation and display is deployed through the best of the food styling techniques to make them visually appealing to the guests.

'Cake' Another feather in the cap of the Indian weddings!

Indian weddings Cake Indian weddings Cake | Image Resource :

Until recent past, wedding cakes used to be an integral part of Christian weddings. However, now a wedding is not complete without an exquisite tiered wedding cake. Since the bakery industry has taken up the baton to provide customized cakes, wedding cakes have also made its entry into the list of the most auspicious things in an Indian marriage. One of the latest trends in this regards are designer chandelier cakes. Creativity reaching the zenith with this cakes that taste and look simply ethereal, this is nothing but another feather in the cap for Indian weddings!

Mehendi Trends

Mehendi Trends Mehendi Trends | Image Resource :

Mehendi is again a very auspicious ritual when it comes to wedding. It is absolutely essential to make sure that the color of the Mehendi comes dark and clear. Brides traditionally adorn their hands and feet with beautiful designs. Traditionally, it is preferred to make exhaustive and elaborate designs till the elbow in hands and almost halfway to the knee in legs. However, these days, brides are opting for minimalist designs instead of elaborate and overdone mehendi designs.

Not only just the bride, but also the other ladies and girls also apply mehendi on their hands amidst a lot of music, dance and family fun. Earlier ladies would sing in groups which are now replaced by live DJ in the present day marriages.

Trending Indian Wedding Invitation Designs

Trending Indian Wedding Invitation Designs Trending Indian Wedding Invitation Designs

Inviting guests is the most important part of Indian weddings. Without guests there is no fun in a wedding. The first thing that is done right after the wedding date is fixed is inviting the guests. The most popular trend is to invite as many guests as possible. However, the power couples of today who call the shots these days prefer to have a select list of few close family members and friends. Many families even have separate guest list for separate functions such as Sangeet, Mehendi ceremony, the main wedding day and reception.

Depending on the various functions, the wedding invitation card is also chosen mindfully. Exquisite fabric, handmade papers, scroll up or box cards, textured wood finish, stones as well as metal sheets are making ripples in the wedding invitation cards in the modern times. Simple, minimal and elegant designs with beautifully worded personal messages are trending this wedding season.

Trending Decor

Trending indian wedding Decor Trending indian wedding Decor | Image Resource :

Decorating the wedding venue for each and every ceremony in a unique way is another point worth mentioning. Mindful usage of fabric, flower, candles, floating lanterns and lights in keeping with the hues and mood of the ceremony add to the glam factor of the wedding.

While floral canopies are a passe, outdoor weddings are seen sporting unique floral motifs and forms with plants cropped into the forms of various animals. Indoor wedding that are hosted in hotels or heritage buildings are beautifully done up with floral arrangement.

The beauty of wedding decors lies in detailing. It is about arranging the cutleries, upholsteries, napkins, sitting arrangement and the planning of the food aisle - all in proper sync with each other maintaining the ethos of the theme of the wedding in everything. The centre stage or the mandap where all the wedding rituals are going to take place are kept simple and minimalist.

Photography Trends

Indian wedding Photography Trends Indian wedding Photography Trends | Image Resource :

Photography is the cherry on the pie for Indian weddings. If there were no photography, there would not be so much effort to make the weddings to special and exquisite. It is all because each and every moment is captured and frozen to be relived later on.

Apart from capturing the entire wedding in all its details, there are interactive booths for taking photographs of not only the bride and the groom but also the guests. Live streaming of the wedding functions by friends and family over social media also helps in creating the moment all the more special.

Gifting For a Cause

In India, the gifting custom is considered to be the material form of the blessings and well wishes. Usually, the close relatives and elders gift gold to the bride as gold is considered to be auspicious. Other than that friends and acquaintances give items that are useful in setting up a new household.

One of the latest trends among the new age wedding couples is to put a clause in the invitation cards urging the invitees to donate for a philanthropic cause instead of buying conventional gifts for the bride and groom.

Return Gifts

Another important aspect in the Indian weddings that is changing fast is the return gifts. The traditional sweet boxes have long been replaced by handmade chocolates. Now the options have further increased to homemade fruit preserves, customized handmade cookies and other organic goodies in biodegradable recyclable boxes.

Why should guest have all the fun?

I have always felt that your wedding is a day when you are made to be a Christmas tree. You are decorated from tip to toe and given the centre stage. And there are guests all around you having the most fun filled time they can ever have.. that too at your expense.

However, these days, the demure brides are coming out of their veils making entries into the wedding halls dancing along with the bridesmaids. This is the latest breach of monotony in Indian weddings that are only used to see the baaraatis dancing all the way to the wedding venues.

Indian weddings are filled with small and fun filled moments that sometimes involve the participation of the bride and the groom. While the elders remain busy in making sure that all the rituals are observed properly, the youngsters create moments of laughter an fun with customs like hiding the shoes.

All said and done, the Indian weddings are becoming bigger and better in every which way possible. Truly, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to step into the shoes of the prince and princess, to live your fairy tale dream, to take the vow to live 'happily ever after'. And it is the time when everyone - big and small, surrounds you and showers you with blessing for this new beginning!


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